Kastusyou and Sannikov repeated. The first — in Belarusian, the second — in Russian

Today, the Belarusian radio speeches sounded more presidential candidates Gregory Kastusiou and Andrei Sannikov. Both reiterated their TV air after December 1.

I was just commenting on the candidates, if they were on Wednesday night on TV, so I will say that, and Gregory Kastusyou and Andrei Sannikov repeated their television appearances. Kastusyou said again, Belarus should be arranged differently, and that only the Belarusian Popular Front knows how to get out of the decline. A major promise of Sannikov was that Belarus 5-7 years will enter the European Union, so Sannikov in speech and defended the European vector of development. Both candidates have called on the voters together to celebrate the victory on Dec. 19 in the square.

As for first impressions of the four performances of candidates, we can say the following. It was clear. that each of the nine candidates to criticize the current government, why else would participate in the elections. But each of the candidates at the start of the campaign had determine the strategy of their performances. Each candidate was a big temptation. On the one hand, I wanted to attract possible more voters. In this case, it is believed that the politician does not have to show to the electorate their radykalnasts. Political strategists say that is too harsh speech may shy away votes from those who have a chance to win. Therefore, the applicants had to be a certain astsyaroga. On the other hand, political strategists say that is impossible to please everyone. And then at the forefront of television and radio is the principled position of the candidate. Especially if it is some kind of party, movement or social initiative. And all four appearances Kastusiou and Sannikov times and reprezentavali those organizations — the Belarusian People's Front and the European Coalition — which have both their program and their status.

It seems to me that Gregory Kastusyou and Andrei Sannikov and Vitaly Rymashevsky and Nikolai Statkevich proved the most radical of all the candidates who spoke. They have their own electorate, and they showed these people, they remain in their original positions. In four appearances Gregory Kastusiou we saw that for him the most important thing — it's the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. What is important for Andrei Sannikov? Four appearances, and four times on the European orientation padkreslenasts Belarus. What is important for Vitali Rymasheuski? Christian values. For Statkevich — social-democratic. It was definitely clear, people have shown that they belong to a particular party or movement and the fact that they would go this direction.

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