Kazakhstan has begun work combines AGROMASH 4141

In the economy of the North Kazakhstan and Akmola oblasts of Kazakhstan arrived early harvesters AGROMASH 4141 production Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant (located under the control of the company "Concern" Tractor plants ", included in the Machinery &Industrial Group NV).

 Photo source:agro.ru

AGROMASH 4141 specially created with the expectation of the conditions of Kazakhstan and other regions with difficult natural and climatic conditions, but high yield.

Combine that honors the fourth class is a complete automation technology. All the main functions of the machine controls the computer. It responds to any changes in parameters such as the engine oil temperature, the work coil and the processing units. Machine is equipped with a powerful 250-horsepower engine and cost-Finnish SISU. Header equipped with a demonstrated in the fields of drive and knives SCHUMACHER.

In threshing and separating device is an additional rotary separator rough heap, which increases the efficiency of the combine, due to the increased rate of passage of The straw, and reduces the loss of walker. Increasing the area of separation allows the combine to be more productive than similar cars of a higher class.

An important advantage of this model is the turret unloading grain with high efficiency, up to 80 l / s, which minimizes the loss of time for unloading. The machine is equipped with a robust anti-wear belts OPTIBELT, the German central lubrication system BEKO-MAX and the electrician, also made in Germany.

As highlighted Kazakhstani consumers, one of the most important selection criteria AGROMASH 4141 was the combination of price and quality. Price combine an order of magnitude below the cars in this class.

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