Knowledge of the ancient Magi

When a person follows only his whims — it develops on its own, without the support of the outside world. When one follows the tradition — it takes a collective force. He is stronger in terms of individualist Force and is able to reach greater heights in the Company, or in his art form.

Living alone — less power, but to a certain extent free. This freedom is twofold: it either kills the person, or give him unlimited possibilities … Both — worth a look. The way of the human Harmony — is to follow both paths …

Now a lot of literature that different philosophical approaches, techniques, physical exercises, auditory training, finally, herbal and other healthful recipes. It would seem that it is easier — take it, read it, apply! But here lies the catch, which is not trusting the reader suspects, who decided to change his life, or to cope with their own problems from the book. Without law these recipes, methods and techniques may not only be of no effect, but sometimes harmful.

Where to take effect? How to make your lessons effective? To do this, just need to follow the tradition, to accumulate power in hard training with a master, carrying the tradition of knowledge to their students.

In Russia, the carriers are the wise men of ancient traditions and their modern successors. Magi — is ancient scholars, media knowledge, the teachers in the ancient pre-Christian Russia. They observed and studied the world, giving people a piece of knowledge, the one who needed them, every person at the request, that is necessary to him and it was in a particular situation. Magi transferred the knowledge followers in full, so they continued to carry the burden of tradition. For a long time had to pass on the teachings in secret, without initiation into the mystery of knowledge stranger could.

Today this knowledge is made available to people in different spiritual schools and directions. Modern man has lost the ability to perceive information and the world, so you need to take the time to develop themselves, their abilities, intelligence, to know and understand these nuggets of knowledge.

Why do we need knowledge of the wise men today? People are persecuted illness, accidents, depression state … And the fear of old age — is the bane of modern man! All tend to maintain utmost youth, because old age is not in fashion! Spend huge funds in search of the "elixir" of the young, especially the rich and the people who own the power (sorry because losing it all!). Having joined the practice of the ancient wise men, you start to understand the laws of the universe, the world works, and this, in turn, expands the world, gives force to solve problems, learn to avoid difficult situations, opening the way forward.

The basis of knowledge is the understanding of the Magi Russian Body, Mind and Spirit, as a whole, the path of the Magi — a search for the Spirit, this is the way a direct link with nature and the forces of the Spirit.

The teaching of the ancient wise men is based on the concept of the human energy field and energy centers.

Methods of healing the body and soul in the tradition of the Magi — is working with the energy field: the search for fingerprints on the energy field and the definition of the general condition of man, cleansed of dense energies, increasing the luminous energy field and more …

Each of us is an energy field that surrounds the physical body and fills the entire body in the same way as the magnetic field, which causes iron filings to take certain directions.

Energy field existed before time began. Once it was one with the unmanifested light of Being, and remains unchanged throughout infinity. This field is outside of time, but there is in it, over and over again by creating new material bodies.

Imagine that we are wrapped transparent iridescent sphere of iridescent blue, green, purple and yellow sparks spreading at arm's length from the body. In the skin a golden glow shimmering streams flowing along the acupuncture meridians. Between the skin and the membrane energy fields spinning sparkling vortices merge into swirls of light. Is the seat of the life force present animated ocean energy, it is essential for life as much oxygen and nutrients, which carries blood.

The energy field is the purest and most precious source of life. When energy reserves are depleted field disease, toxic substances in the environment or stress, we feel violated. Replenishing energy reserves, we return his health and vitality, to renew an active and fulfilling lives.

Modern humans have lost the ability to feel the world, to understand its nature. We need to learn it again. And to help their children and parents. Taught this practice traditions, coming from the ancient times. Knowledge of the ancient wise men are needed today.

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