Kostroma archaeologists have found an ancient settlement

Another monument of archeology in the Kostroma region has more. Archaeologists Regional Museum officially announced on the eve of the opening. During the expedition last fall, they found an ancient settlement in the village in Teterinskoe Nerekhta area. After careful study of the artifacts found there experts have decided to present them to the public.

The finds date back to the 12th century. Basically, it's pottery and ironwork. Among them are the unique things. For example, like this horse ice-going spike. Until the 16th century in Russia horseshoes hardly knew and used such a device here. Teterinskoe was a large village, through which a horse road from Vladimir to Kostroma. The first settlement appeared here about the 11th century. It was very Slavic. Nearby is the burial mound type, characteristic for the Slavs.

Excavations in Teterinsky — this is the first archaeological work in decades, which had just the museum-reserve. First museum workers found the funds. Prior to that archaeological surveys conducted by other organizations, and often on a commercial basis. Excavated only sites for development, and not the ones that are of interest to scientists. Reserve intends to continue excavations in Teterinsky. The museum hopes that now such purely scientific, expeditions will become annual.

Vitaly Shcherbakov, curator of archeology fund regional Museum, said: "The work that I think will not be limited Nerekhta area. Will grow geographically. The area we have not is one of the most studied in the territory of Central Russia. Can apply not just to the study of some famous monuments. But to commit a small but discoveries. We will open new sites. "

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