Kummir — Ecumenical kinsman

Kummir word means "godfather" — a relative, "MIP" (world) — the universe, that is Kummir — Ecumenical cousins. Kummir helps us establish and maintain two-way communication with the generic God and His Siloy.Slavyanskie gods — are our ancestors, and we are their descendants.

Therefore, cutting Kummira from the tree, people carve statues of his ancestors and the purer the heart and soul of the Master, the more correct it depicts toro or no God, without distorting its image. Images of gods usually create from the male species: oak, beech, ash, elm, cedar. And the image of the Virgin of the female: birch, willow, larch, and so the Idol cut different symbols: swastikas, runes and signs.

Kummirov dimensions are 1 inch (17.78 cm) to 4 yards (1137.44 cm) and Rod vyshe.Kumir depicted as a wise old man, watching the actions of his relatives and descendants. Man, look to their gods and ancestors with love in my heart, Idol helps focus and to establish with them a spiritual connection.

Usually put idols in the temple and the sanctuary, at the family altar, in sacred groves, on the waterfront, in the places of the holidays and before the altar Bogosluzheniy.Na Kumirs put bekrovnye sacrifices and religious rites (pancakes, fruit, nuts, etc.). The energy of these products rises to the gods and ancestors, and they, in turn, through this channel sends people to help, support and blagoslovenie.Rodovye Idols carefully preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Ancient Kummiry store ancestral memory of all the generations of relatives, who offered up their help with gifts and rites childbirth gods and ancestors. The older Kummir, the more expensive it is for posterity. Idol opens your ancestral memory in humans. With Idols person can go back in time and see the lives of their ancestors ….

Turning to Kummiru Rod person applies to all of his ancestors, to his family (genetic) of memory, drawing from it all that it needs to live in the world of waking. However, his birth canal increases. Man, as a leaf on the family tree, get more power from the roots — Ancestors and, remembering them, honoring and glorifying, it feeds their family love, care and joy. Therefore Ancestors so carefully preserved their ancestral Idols, transferring their descendants and willing us to carefully store them ….

As stated in the "Word of Wisdom Velimudra Magi": "Save as the apple of his eye Kummira — Heavenly Gods, patrons and all standards of the ancient clans of its own, because if not save up shrines childbirth, not to escape the ancient throughout your sorrows dark hard times and losses." Our bright celestial gods may appear in the World Reveal through people or through the Idols. Therefore, the more Slavic-Aryan Idols will be on the Kin altar, in your families, the more opportunities will be our gods and ancestors appear in the World Reveal and their support and patronage to such serious for the Slavs and Aryans time is a must.

Created on: "Thou shall not make for yourself an idol." We mean exactly the image of our gods and ancestors, that we did not remember that we Bozhychi-Svarozhich — grandchildren Light Slavonic-Aryan gods.

Rod glory God! Glory Rod — originator! Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours! Idols — Rod Velez, Lola, Yarylo, Lada, Perun, Makos and Mara. They vary in design and content, writing online krimova.ru. Inner strength, inner charge enclosed in each of the idols, is unique. Ancestors believed that if a person wants to change the direction of his destiny, he does not necessarily refer to the supreme deity, just contact any of the holy shrine pomoschnikov.V home of our ancestors attended by all the idols, all eight major energies of life, for it is in full circle of the gods give perfect knowledge and perfect reincarnation. Such small home altars were in the old days at all. You can also choose to use the main patron and burglar by his idol.

Kummir Rod. Rhode source of strength for the creation, the father of the universe, of all things visible and invisible world.

This is the highest energy of abundance and Rodya force. Its main function — the birth of a new life or a new event, the case. Rod — the embodiment of strength and protection of the family. Rod has no image, because all of us have surrounding Rod. Rod identified visible world — Reality and detached from the world of the unseen, spiritual — Navi, Rod Law Division of the curve, so it came to him for the restoration of justice, especially if someone destroyed your family, if the sexual lust leave your family, if someone encroaches on your benefits or induces illness in the soundness of your destiny. Rod — is the throne of justice, challenges, lessons, tests and suggestions in your life. Rod book — a book of human existence that contains all of your generic opportunities ancestral curse, tribal or family happiness undead. Race determines your karma and your karma determines the way your family relationships, career and in life.

Kummir Lada. Lada-way, quiet, soothing quiet start.

Sincerity — that's the energy that is contained in this divine power. It is this energy creates all Rhode suschee.Lada — this update, the resurrection vitality, magnetism, gravity all kinds of benefits and success.

To get along, to build, to settle the case — everything is harmony — these are the actions that are controlled by a deity Lada. It protects the family, career, partnership, friendly contacts and communications, helping to resolve conflicts and confrontations, restores peace and understanding. Lada maintain harmony and order among the organs and systems of the body, because the way — it safely rhythms. This requires a Lada and families — compliance affluent rhythms. Fret crowning of all gods and men. Its strength will help remove opposition to fate, and if one is alone — he's got a secret, often invisible to himself confrontation latent dislike of the opposite sex, and therefore such a man is surrounded by multiple problems and poser in your career and social life. Sincerity — the greatest force, conquering evil and darkness. It lacks many of the energy.


Kummir Lola. Lely energy makes life a joy, improves sensitivity, tenderness, establishing cordial relations warmth and good nature.

Lola — Call it love. That's it from oblivion can send to you happiness in partnership!

Lola wrapped up and the human energy of a love, created the possibility of magnetic, gravity dreams, love, sacrifice, generosity, positive emotions. Lola felt that not Ueda himself or others, and so it closely monitors those who become like 'rusty saw ", for those who eat eat, lecturing or tyrannically controlling their loved ones. Lelia "competes" with Welles, for Velez trick allows to achieve a goal, Lola also tells only a good reach their goals only through openness of soul and sense of purpose, a charm and appeal.

Kummir Velez. The energy of abundance, prosperity, successful production of wealth.

Velez was the patron of the business man, but under the condition of hardworking and laconic. Velez was very quiet and taciturn demanded from the people and the spaces in which the patron.

Knowing and vsepronikaya, entree deep man in his spirit, in thought, in dreams, goals, actions, and even contact the business person. Veles — god privorozhby prosperity and wealth, as well as charming amorous feelings. Patron volshby, collusion, nauzov, attraction of money. Velez — is a golden vein, which you yourself must unearth. Velez always on patrol for the abundance of your deeds, and if you do not do much, then he will decide what you need and do not hide from you and the temple wealth. Velez and again leaves the Svarga, for favors to people in order to teach them wisdom. Velez revives egregore Russia, his daughter Ros saves saves and brings us poverty. Velez — a "like to like." Velez — is an obstacle, a necessary, but acceptable to you outdid himself and achieved his goal. Deity, releasing latent potential of our spirit and mind. Velez — is the link to the sources of life, witchcraft, wisdom, wealth, love and a love spell charm and hitromudry oborotlivy protector and connector. The founder of our prosperity, if we learn to accumulate temples force. Three forces, which he owns — is the charm of love, wealth and money vedane.

Kummir Yarylo. The ancient god seductive and happiness.

"Ahead is joy, do not believe evil, believe the good, become a man with a light heart," — says Yarylo. It is the energy of fertility and prosperity. Yarylo — messenger of the gods, he has always believed those who connect people with Svarga. It was he who brought the answer of what to do, how, when and with whom. This deity convergence in intimate union, and it can stop the vicious Yarylo sexual relationship.

Yarylo — Envoy opportunities emanating from the Higher Powers to you. He sanctifies human energy yasnovedaniya and people understand in which direction to grow and what should be done to reach the goal. Yarylo probability creates the necessary links in the space will feel against the deceivers and false events, but remember — Yarylo like charm, fun, agility, pursuit of knowledge and if you do not have these conditions and light weighted, if you are anxious, pessimistic or worried-term life Yarylo not answer your question (and if you think that someone said to you — it's your hypochondria).

Kummir Perun. Perun, the highest energy in the power of patronage, in the field of management, in business.

This is the patron and protector of the highest level, it stores sanctity of our territory and wealth. It is the energy of victory — it is necessary to address to Perun, when you need to defeat the negative events when you need to stop the destructive forces when necessary to stop the decay, corruption, chaos. But it is true deity. If you go to him for the punishment of enemies, when they themselves are wrong, Perun and will help you if you really must, and will punish you: as long as you are not right, for it is God is right, "the right of the right guide unjust and straightens From the curve displays those of fornication left. " That is why it is a hardener and protector, a guardian main unions.

It helps to get up to the top, the most prosperous and realize their dreams, all of the most ambitious thoughts. Perun helps purify the dross and from various nasylaya and spoiling, because he is God-winner undead. Perun — the additional power that will come down to you for help. This warlike good, good with his fists, as it says the ancestors that their welfare should be protected. Not protecting their happiness, their granaries, his career success, suffering evil, vile we indulge the evil forces Navi. So whose the same time we are a supporter? That's what decides Perun, you're right or wrong. The main strength in its energy-quality, safe management in business, career, your worries.

Kummir Makos

Their way of life today, we call destiny, forgetting ancestral knowledge that fate — is the judgment of God, that you need to take to live and possibly relieve. Our ancestors tried to live my life in person, consciously realizing tips space, inclusion of making things happen, they knew how to be in Givet. Hurry — this is what gives you energy and freedom of creation of his own happiness. Ancestors were trying to avoid the fate of remaining rational creator of your life.

Makos deity has a secret rule, the mysteries of time and space, and so on it is impossible to hide anything. She — the celestial law, the mystery of new lives and incarnations. Requires that a person does not avoid destined sudby.Imenno Makos gives freedom of choice between wisdom and folly, between prudent and reckless activities of compromise, between good and evil, between the do or not do. Makos observant and vision, and can punish and pardon. Makos — a prophetess, the intuition and the inner voice that always gives advice. Makos always beholds the essence in the depths of your spirit, and she looks, what fate you give to your deeds. She — the mother of lots (Koschei), and so each of us has to literally keep their chains zlonravnye quality, not to the nature of the explosive charge of our lives. You choose the character with which you live, what's your choice — this is fate! We choose every minute, so our fate is very mobile. At every second of your life you can completely turn their fate, completely change it and transform into a new quality. You have that power, and resources will help you fill up the deity Makos. Your task — just always think: how is best to do now, in the future, ie tomorrow and the day after, too, was good!

Kummir Mary. Energy witchcraft, god of Rock as duty, honor.

Mara gives strength to the Vedic, magnetism, a love, prophecy, healing power. Patron of quackery, volhovstva, kudesnichestva and sorcery. That puts it to the people "taskmasters and sextons" — those who think that all your mistakes, malicious, evil thoughts and secret desires harm to others. And as soon as her cup of patience overflows, it imposes a payment for sin. Mara Morokov release of "force izmornye": illness, failure, a series of difficult events — and because it is the mistress of the force, the punishment for sin, and it should be treated in a series of difficult events, in order to stop the "sea." But Mara requires contract: requests for assistance addressed to it, you need to weave promises of what you do will never be. If the exchange is worthy, Mara can take your side and become a patron.

That Mara into his heart yearning love and family setbacks, but if you realize your mistakes and admit them into the inner repentance, Mara will give you the magic power, and you can create a completely inexplicable yourself a new living space.

How to use the power of idols? First of all, the idol to warm the incense smoke chosen by speaking about prayer book-wish at least nine times during voskurivaniya incense. After this amulet idol attach to the body so that the warm and hot spices hero allied with the warmth of your soul. She asked, for the sake of which you raised the energy contained in the idol, goes through the channel the energies of your idol in the Universe. Implementing Please be in your life in the near future. Be careful and vigilant, because the council of the gods to come.

Your task is to see and hear properly ponyat.No this is not all that can help idols and the energy contained in them. Clay from which they are created, is not simple. This clay-healer, she brought from the holy places, energy crossroads magnetic force of the earth. Not every roundabout there is a green clay.

Green clay — a rarity in our nature, are able to find it only very sensitive people with advanced sensory abilities. The fact that the firing in the clay stored magnetic power, it has elements that constantly twist the magnetic field and if you wet your idol and then attach the body to the warming, the energy of the magnetic fields reshapes, encodes the energy of your body. And energy will regenerate itself within your body.

There are eight idols: Rod Velez, Lola, Yarylo, Lada, Perun, Makos and Mara. They vary in design and content. The eight major life energy. Inner strength, energy charge, a prisoner in an idol, carefully planned and is distinctive from the forces of other idols. Ancestors believed that if a person wants to change the specific direction of his destiny, he does not necessarily refer to the supreme principle, to God — just contact any of its forces doers.

In the red corner home in the old days there were all idols — eight major life energy. That is how the ancestors concerned about the purity of the aura of his house: that there is no one ill, to live in love and harmony to the house is not penetrated envy evil eyes, that during sleep, each family member you updated energeticheski.Vybrannogo energy assistant (idol) to soak in the "safe" water (quiet water is taken when the whole house is asleep), the vessel should be selected so that the idol stood there, completely covered with water.

The vessel with the idol put on a night near your bed in the head. In the morning we must get the idol out of the water without removing the head from the pillow to put on a naked body in the heart and out loud, quietly but intensely pronounce the request, the request to the desired assistance necessary for you events. You are in this position and continue to say his request to use at higher powers as long as the idol gets warm from your body. When idol warmed up, should take it away from the body, get up, take a container with water and pour the charged himself on the forehead, from the crown. During discharge this water to verbalize his desire to continue (note: despite the fact that the water will be poured into his mouth and say the words get in the way of request, you have to verbalize desired: the difficulty to be overcome!) Next, you wear the idol in an inner pocket ( Think clothing options) as long as it is completely dry, ie You wear it at work, home, sleep a night with him.

If the next morning, you can see that the clay figurine is still wet, continue to wear it. During those days, when you are living side by side with the icon, you must remember this: whenever the hero is somehow reminiscent of yourself when you think back on the idol — you need three times mentally, but the intensity of the "shout" want. Clay from which to create idols, not only is green, but also brought with sacred places.

Green clay-healer — a rarity in our nature. It is unique for its healing gifts. The fact is that when firing it not only saved pramolekuly living green, but also enhances their magnetic abilities. This is why water, charged idols, so shockingly fast heals of microscopic, lesions of the internal organs and systems of the body. This water is recommended to drink, cook her food, herbal brew, tea napitki.Sami wet idols not only come in contact with all the vibrations of the human energy but increase energy self-healing processes within the affected organs, and "pull" the negative energy of the flares and lyarvy bodies and auras.

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