Last summer was the wettest in Britain over the last 100 years

Rounding out the summer was the wettest in British history over the past 100 years, according to the UK Met Office.

In the three months since the beginning of June in the UK fell to 362 millimeters of rain. This is the rainy summer since 1912 and the fourth in terms of rain fallen in the history of observations, which are carried out in England since 1727.

Earlier, the weather bureau reported that last June was the wettest in the UK in the history of observations — rainfall almost twice the average monthly rate and amounted to 145.3 millimeters.

August also showed a level slightly above normal precipitation.

In the early and mid-summer in some parts of the country heavy rains have caused severe flooding, washing away the railway, road transport disruption and flooding homes. Also occurred because of the rains fail in organizing a number of festivals and other events including the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the annual count of swans on the Thames.

However, the period of the Olympic Games weather "relented" and virtually all of two weeks, that was the Olympics, outstanding dry and warm.

Rainy summer replaced dry autumn and winter months, which even led to a ban on the use of hoses in private households.

However, ironically, even with the introduction of the ban in early April over Britain almost constantly raining, and in mid-June, the ban was lifted.

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