Lavrov will meet with Lukashenko. But not alone

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Minsk to participate in the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

The ministers will consider a plan of consultations of representatives of states — CSTO member states on issues of foreign policy, security and defense in the second half 2011and — the first half of 2012. The meeting will be held at the National Library.

Ministers along with Secretary General of Collective Security Treaty Organization will meet after the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko.

Earlier last Lavrov criticized the statements of abuse Human Rights Belarus:

"The pressure comes from all sides, suddenly zademakratyzavalasya leadership of the Russian Federation. Statements hear Lavrov on compliance with either Human Rights, whether democracy. I sit and think: who's talking … "

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