Lessons in schools Petropavlovsk canceled due to cyclone

 Authorities Petropavlovsk canceled classes in city schools due to bad weather caused by cyclone passing over the peninsula, according to the city administration.

According to meteorologist Kamchatka, the cyclone on Monday night brought down ew Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yelizovsky, Milkovsky and Ust-Bolsheretsky areas. Wind under the influence of atmospheric vortex intensified in the central regions up to 23 meters per second, in the extreme south — up to 28-33 meters per second.

According to the Main Emergency Ministry for Kamchatka region, violations of heat, electricity and communication, accidents on socially important objects and potentially dangerous objects registered.

EMERCOM Russia's Kamchatka region and its structures in connection with the passage of the cyclone on the province moved to high alert.

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