Life under the monarchs

Mr. Orlov, one of the essential characteristics of European civilization, which you like to think, there was a community for a variety of one and the same royal dynasties. For example, the Habsburgs could rule from the Pyrenees to the Carpathians. How to fit into this scheme ON and Rzeczpospolita Two Nations?

Jaroslav Lisowski, Belarusian monarchist

Perfect fit, Mr Jaroslaw. Although in Russian it would be better to say — ushtukovvayutstsa.

Representatives of our Jagiellonian dynasty, or Yagelenav based Sophia Golshanskaya except the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, ruled in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The last of the Jagiellonian — Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, Sigismund Augustus, that he changed to a better world in 1572, left no sons (by least, zakonnanarozhanyh). In Vilnius and Krakow opened vacancy. One of the main contenders for them was Henry Valois. (He, by the way, too — enough mystical coincidence — it was destined to remain in the history of the last of his Valois.) He zealously supported the candidacy of the then French king Charles IX. He was afraid of the powerful mother and brother long wanted to float somewhere far away from Paris.

Yes to the realization that, as they say now, the project was a serious obstacle. In the Commonwealth knew what caused the French capital in the same 1572 on the night of August 24th (Feast of Saint Bartalyameya). Then Parisian Catholics, which inspired the queen mother Catherine media, cut more than three thousand Protestant Huguenots. As it turned out, Henry Valois, diplomatically speaking, not an outside observer Masakra. This aroused the indignation of Protestants of our state, where a very large part of the elite belonged then to the Calvinists. Nevertheless, French envoy thanks to the skill of Bishop de Manlyuka (villains dubbed him a liar), at the Diet Henry received the support of the majority of senators and nobles. However, for election to the throne, he had sign the act, which among other things promised to maintain religious peace in the state.

However, the "romance" of the Commonwealth with the Valois (we called him Henry Valezhycham) are not missed. In the 1574th in Paris Charles died with them, in one of the closest nights Heinrich, who never in his heart and did not want to become Henry (and generally really was Henri), jumped into the carriage and ordered the coachman: "Drive on!" The course, of course, was taken to France, where he was crowned the fugitive by the name of Henry III.

Fifteen years later, it will kill the monk fanatic. The same fate befall the Henri IV, whose identity is so interested in his adnaymennika, writer G.Mana. This I mean that the state of our ancestors in those monarchs, and in the later, the times did not die a violent death.

From 1587 to 1668 th th in the Commonwealth led by representatives of the Swedish Vasa dynasty, who fought with relatives who sat on the throne in Stockholm. In connection with this recall one amusing story of modern times already.

Ten or fifteen years ago, after sufficient recovery fell clutch of Leeds Castle. Funds for the restoration restored lacking. And then in a bright color Lida was born a brilliant idea to seek help from the King of Sweden. Like, if your ancestors subjects greatness once we have destroyed the castle, do not you want to take part in its revival?

I do not know how many days or weeks is given by Swedish law to the letter of workers and the unemployed, but the response to a letter from a distant (and, as it turned out, almost brotherly Belarus Lida) royal chancery not hesitated. Tearing her hands trembling with excitement venzelem envelope with his majesty Charles VI Gustav, Lida leaders have heard the rustle of crisp crowns. But …

Dear gentlemen, comrades, wrote Swedes, complaints of bad deed of our great-great-grandfather carefully reviewed and examined from all sides. However, as a check showed that the subjects of your castle destroyed the dynasty vase, and now, with as many as in 1810, we Bernadotav dynasty ruled that there is no liability for the actions of the vase does not carry. Blossoms! Date and signature.

Personally I have a grudge against the Swedes somehow not a single drop.

And yet reveal to you, Mr. Jaroslav goodbye terrible secret. I am also in my heart — the persistent Belarusian monarchist and me, it happens so want pastagnats under royal despotism Swedish or British type. But, in the words of a popular song: I was born here and I live here.



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