Light-skinned rulers of Egypt

Light-skinned rulers of Egypt

Archaeological Expedition of Germany close to the mysteries of the pharaohs, the aliens, the builders of the great pyramids.

A survey of the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops, or as it was called the ancient Greeks) in the area of Giza, as well as the surrounding rock mass, which erected the pyramid, found many voids correct geometric size is clearly a matter of human hands, experts do not rule out that there may be the remains of Pharaoh's family, including the king's mother, already surrounded by ancient legends.

It must be remembered that the origin IV dynasty rulers of Egypt, who reigned in III millennium BC, much remains dark and mysterious — said at an informal meeting with journalists, the head of the expedition, Dr. Helmut Zohran. — Especially — the origin of the three greatest rulers: Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, that brought the famous pyramids of Giza (as one might think! RK). Legendary and historical traditions report that they were even looks different from the Egyptians, white-skinned, with blond hair.

Archaeology confirms — during their rule in the country there are many things not met: the beautiful chariot, a special form of swords, actively began to use iron. Especially mysterious mother of Pharaoh Cheops: an image of the beautiful blonde engraved in people's memory for millennia.

But they were, and cruel — never did suffer in Egypt, as in the days of the Pharaohs, sun-worshipers, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to build their tombs, monuments, which, we believe, are sealed vast knowledge. Apparently, IV dynasty enigmatic rulers and fell as a result of popular indignation, long led the country into a state of confusion. And the strange thing — Archaeologists have not found the mummies of these rulers. Their graves were usually empty, and it seems as if these kings and not buried in the ground of their official resting place.

Search for anything associated with Rod skinned rulers of Egypt, there are already many decades. But only now, when there is a new technique, it is possible to make a new step here.
Survey using modern laser equipment show that the pyramids themselves are probably the most prominent and eye-catching, but not central to the graves of the great rulers of Egypt. Network corridors, cameras and any other premises and run through the thickness of the pyramid, and the neighborhood space. It seems that the white rulers and sages planted descendants only "dummy", hiding the important from their predatory eyes.

We did not even try to predict now that we can discover if the calculations are correct. Perhaps we can prove that all the legends of the Pharaohs white — just fiction. But it is possible that in the historical science happen coup, and the hypothesis of Atlantis for centuries to wander the world and in the wild seyavshih nations after the loss of their knowledge of the island, on the whole correct. Soon we'll find out — so ended Zohran chat with newsmen.

Czeslaw Vanger.

Edition of the Almanac jivas — ASTRA decided to reveal more and highlight the theme of the White Pharaohs. Comment on this article Cheslova Vanger "White Pharaohs" we asked the head of the Church of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy Orthodox Old Believers — Ynglings, Kapen-Ynglings Alexander.
The following dialogue affects other issues pertaining to the ancient history and we have decided to print it in full, so that you, our dear readers, have made their conclusion and had his own opinion on the matter.

— Your Holiness, is it possible that in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were white, there is some truth in this assumption?

— Yes. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were actually white and not only IV dynasty rulers who reigned V millennia ago. There is an ancient Egyptian legend that, Ancient Egypt created nine white gods, four of them came from the north, and five in the west of the earth, which plunged into the depth of the Great Waters. The most important of them are Egyptians called Ra, he came up with with his brothers, the gods of the land of the north.

— But after all the modern historical science does not recognize these ancient legends, considering them simply fiction, ancient priests of primitive African tribes, in which there is a historical reality.

— Think about it, and whether to trust the latest stories, where the history of most of the ancient and modern states is a fiction and is written in contemporary language "in literary works of foreign authors, and often never visited the powers, which they described the story." But the real story of the ancient wisdom and destroyed, examples abound, burned the great library of Alexandria, Memphis, Ur, Babylon, Sparta, Carthage, Rome and Constantinople, etc., are the only ones that immediately come to mind. How much smaller in size and volume library was destroyed as a result of numerous wars, change the rulers of the ancient states, when the new governor ordered rewrite chronicles, even changing the family tree of the rulers of the State under him, carrying on the family tree of the gods, and old chronicles, books, tablets and scrolls of papyrus, which were contrary to the newly written, command destroy.

— So if, modern history, say not quite correct, and ancient legends is considered fiction, Why, then, to believe? How to find the truth? Maybe we should supporters of the two versions of history, ie traditional and non-traditional, sit down and discuss any differences and come to a mutual agreement, because as we know, "In a dispute born truth"?

— In the debate is never born of truth, for truth above speculation. In disputes born mutually beneficial compromise reached by mutual concessions, but the trade-off is the Truth! To know the truth and ancient history, we must reject the modern world view and to look into the past through the eyes of people who lived in those times, to compare legends of different nations, of that event, and then we will get a more complete and correct view of history reality. If the ancient traditions and legends of the peoples, as if unrelated, talk about some historical events in great detail, and if the details match — then stored for ages event is part of the true story.

— This rule is as far as we know, does not reject modern history, modern archaeological excavations have shown the world what is really in ancient times was a highly science. With the help of the science were built pyramids and ancient cities, power and knowledge of the ancient architects were so great that a modern technological process, is unable to replicate the construction of at least one of the pyramid. Besides, modern history and archeology have confirmed many events described in the Bible, thus proving that the biblical events are part of ancient history.

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— Many wish that the Bible was considered a historical document. Therefore, many archaeological finds are trying, somehow related to the Bible stories to make them more important.

— Are you saying that all the events have occurred in Egypt and in the Bible is not a historical fact?

— Of all the events I will not say, but I can give you an instructive example of the veracity of the "historical reality" of the biblical story.

— But this story really is in the Bible? Excuse us, but we want our readers to do the Bible to find it.

— In the biblical book of Exodus describes the exodus from Egypt, and the ten plagues of Egypt, but we will consider only the fifth penalty, and on it says this: "Behold, the hand of the LORD is upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses, upon the asses , upon the camels, upon the oxen, and sheep, will plague very heavy … "(Ex. Ch. 9., Article 3.), ie all the cattle of Egypt: horses, donkeys, camels, oxen, etc. slain by the pestilence. But then something interesting happens as soon as the Israelites left Egypt, "And the Egyptians pursued after them, all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen, and his army, and overtook them encamping by the sea …" (Ex. Ch. 14., Art. 9). There is an interesting question, and where Pharaoh procured horses and camels for the army, and even in such a short time, because he was a hundred percent of the animals die by the pestilence. Next picture of events is even more interesting, the Israelites crossed the Black Sea "on dry land" (?), And the Egyptians went after and all drowned together with Pharaoh (Exodus gl.14). The question arises, if all the Egyptians were drowned along with his Pharaoh, why in the historical chronicles of other ancient states of Syria, Phoenicia, and others who were paying tribute to Egypt, does not say. For if indeed Pharaoh and his army were killed, then released so the state would no longer pay tribute to Egypt and became independent, but not of the kind in the chronicle does not indicate. Think about what the biblical story in itself. In addition to the need to carefully study the Bible, or at least know and other scriptures and traditions of different peoples that have matching ancient chronicles nations from before you opened up ancient history.

— At the very beginning of our conversation, you mentioned the Egyptian legend, which says that nine white gods created Egypt, and there are other legends, or scriptures, which tell the same thing.

— In "Santee Perun Veda" says that as there were in ancient Egypt, white men and their relationship with the local community: "People with skin the color of darkness will honor descendent of heaven for the gods, and will learn from them many sciences. People of the Great Race will build new Grads temple and teach people with skin the color of darkness grow cereals and vegetables. Four kinds of Rod Heaven after another, will train new priests of Ancient Wisdom and build Trirany-Tombs, as Gore man-made, four-sided "(Cantiya 5, tubing. 7). In addition, there is a legend: White people used to have has been taken as a rule, ask strangers: from the banks of the river which visitors come from, what kind of tribe-like call-magnify. And black people — on the contrary, from the beginning asking how to call-dignify the kind-Tribe, and then later on the banks of the river which arrived guests. And as always obtain historical incident, referring not knowing the language. Descendent of heaven came to North Africa, they built Castles and Churches, on the banks of the Nile. And they came to him and asked locals Leader: your name, you magnify God. And he understood the question so that it asks the banks of the river which they came, and said to them — Ra (Ra — the name of the river Volga, etc.). So the name of the great Russian river became the name of the Supreme God of Egypt.

— Please tell me how to compare what you are telling, with a modern look at Russian history, which adheres to the academician Dmitry Likhachev. In particular, he said that the history of the Slavs just over 1000 years.

— You can also quote his words, that "the Slavs lived in the forest and prayed the wheel." Think about the phrase. Slavs lived in the forest that is lived in isolation, detached from everything, as they say now, "civilized world." Prayed the wheel — it turns out once Slavs lived apart from other people, so — they invented the wheel, otherwise where would our Slavic ancestors of the wheel in the woods took. After many centuries, learned that the king of Egypt is, and the wheels of the chariot he does not, well, of kindness wheels sold to Egypt. You certainly understand that this is a joke, but in every joke there is some truth. Should not take the expression "the Soviet and academics" literally, they say only that they allow their owners ie regime. Will be another power in the country, they will say what it says, right up to contradict himself.

Not to be unfounded, I would advise readers to carefully read the anthology "Russian Vedas," especially with the Holy book of Novgorod the Magi "Book of Veles," because it tells about the campaign rusichej Egypt.

— Thank you for an interesting conversation. In parting, could not you, to wish something to us and our readers?

— Honor the gods and their ancestors, and live the truth, and everything else will Dazhdbog.

— Thanks a lot.

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