Lightning struck the building of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On Friday, July 29, members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo had to urgently leave the building because of the weather. In the building of the Foreign Ministry of the Scandinavian countries hit by lightning, resulting in a fire alarm triggered, according to Norwegian media.
Electrical discharge disrupted electrical equipment, which led to a fire alarm. Employees left the building in normal mode, and half an hour of the institution has been completely restored. Foreign Ministry officials were able to return to his duties.
Note that the lightning strike caused a major tragedy in China. As a result of contact with an electrical discharge in the urban district of Zhejiang, Jiangsu province in eastern China's high-speed train stopped, and then crashed into the other locomotive.
The collision of the 15th and 16th cars speed train fell off a bridge, killing 40 people. The accident caused the loud resignations and criminal proceedings against three senior officials of Shanghai Railway.


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