Like it or not — write out state newspaper

Subscription campaign began. Again, the ideological divisions of district executive committees send out "Plans organizational activities of the subscription to the print media," to bring the numbers of enterprises, organizations and institutions.

A teacher of a school district Borisov told to "Freedom":

"As soon as the subscription campaign, it's usually in December, we were at school with the education department comes distribution list of departmental and individual subscriptions. There is registered, how many and what kind of publication writes department. Division is usually at the expense of the state prescribes the minimum, let's say, a "Sovetskaya Belorussia", a "People's Education" and everything else — Individual Subscription. "

And on the departmental, individual subscription communicated specific numbers, how many copies of government publications should write out a specific group:

"The Department of Education also do not take from the ceiling. When Taisia Danilevich says that the rate of — ten

Our reluctance nobody cares.

10 people must write journal "Education Minsk region" to support him. Yet there is a local newspaper, whose founder, executive committee. This is the "Unity". Our reluctance nobody cares, we are told, "Here you have in the sector employs four people, one of you — four subscriptions to" Unity ". And we are going to sign.

Here and support the state media, using administrative resources. Taisa Danilevich— Head of the Education Department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, and, of course, teachers and education officers are forced to obey.

During the subscription campaign edition of government publications are also connected to the campaign, razyazhzhayutstsa country with gifts. Says a former employee of one of the state newspapers:

"Create a new service, called departments in the development of" Sovetskaya Belorussia "in" Narodnaya Gazeta "in the" Republic ". And these departments regularly their personnel, journalists, sub-editors, and they took the kettles, samovars, other prizes go by districts, the postman, the enterprises — to persuade the authorities, what you need subscribe ".

Adjust the rate to postmen — to sign a minimum of 10-15 people to "Sovetskaya Belorussia", "star", "Belarusian cornfield." Encourage staff to address — also awarded the prizes of those who will sign more. But even the management is tired of it compulsory subscription, says the publication was an employee of the state:

"I myself experienced this. When coming to persuade the district authorities, saying: "In general, your newspaper has bothered to write to me, because my wife and forced to work, and I need to write, numbers driven. And after you arrive" Republic ", then" Zvezda "," Belarusian Cornfield " and all under pressure. And rayonku need to write. "

Discharged for one month, and the crosses on the ticket will put on three.

That accounts for people to go to all sorts of tricks, as the compulsory subscription results in quite a tidy sum. Tells the teacher that make prescribing and specialized "Teacher's newspaper" and "Education Minsk region," and "Sovetskaya Belorussia", and the local rayonku:

"Gaulle is the mother of invention. Discharged for one month, and the crosses on the ticket will put on three. Either agree to the post (especially one there godfather, brother, friend), which prescribe a month, and the amount put in the mail for three months, knowing that the claims will not be none. Or put crosses in three months. "

As they say, "Rich wonder what the poor fed."


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