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Fight! Sons and daughters of the light!
Information is ripe for the publication of important.
Much time has passed since the time when there has been a trial and gain experience. It is time to realize all the experience and display their divine nature.
The last decades have given you knowledge related to our true essence. We are sons and daughters of the gods of heaven learned and practiced, and remember who we are, we are worthy to bear the name of our ancestors. We are the ones who have kept, learned and transmitted to their descendants important knowledge. Our faith has become a guide during the evils of lies, wickedness in the hidden and explicit.
The planet is prepared, modified, all life on hold. Coming very important events that will be a turning point in the development of our own.
This is important to the extent to which everyone can understand.
The time is the transition to the subtle vibrations, changes in the fine material plane.
Help is on the turn! Awaiting reunification.
We see our state and we want to be gods and ancestors saw the "shining" descendants, and not expect a miracle, is not capable of living beings oppressed foreign influence.
We would appreciate everyone's participation. In all the words of the ancient knowledge hidden love without end.
Now a lot going on that makes gate of our without any responsibility to carry out the genocide of the people.

Calls for an open confrontation where it is not needed in fact a provocation. We want to continue to change your vibration, store light energy, knowledge of the famous battle. We will be ready to change that much. That civilization is on the planet earth is a civilization of slaves. Yes, the same ones who are from the "masters" consider themselves elected, essentially slaves, voluntarily devoted their lives to be servants and slaves of the leaders from the worlds of darkness. In their hearts, in their minds they have chosen darkness.
In recent years we have become available ancient knowledge. This knowledge are love, harmony, inspire peaceful coexistence. Creative energy permeates this ancient knowledge, which left us and we are pleased that the faith was preserved. Ancient, reveal to us "channels" connection with the gods and ancestors sustain us in difficult times.
Gods and ancestors in ancient times fought against the enemies. And we, their sons and daughters, what people are doing? But it's time to understand that it depends on us, our life. We kept up as much as it was reasonable for our development.
Gods and ancestors calling us to revolt spiritually. Show all the natural forces of resistance to power the dark.
Extensive knowledge given to us. Knowledge is associated with the mighty power of creative thought. We call for creative visualization defeat enemies. Creative thought can change not only the mother, but also of ourselves, the matrix of the world in which we live. Be the warriors of light. We have transformed our thoughts vibratory level of our being. We have learned to love, to create, not to feel keenly the truth. Understand that slavery status or dominance is — lies before Supreme Gods.
Those who are now trying to control us, to impose in our lives are the organizers of the substance and essence of the dark worlds. On their view known. They destroyed and desecrated the holy place of the heavenly kind. These places were collectively structure created by the gods and the ancestors to keep us in the light began.
Each sanctuary was the key point, host of creative forces, teaching all the children of light, opening to us bright potential.
Now it's time that was marked by the destruction of the structure of the dark.
Mediocrity will no longer be the norm. Do not wait. Proceed at a spiritual level. Now open confrontation will not bring positive results. Who is a spiritual war is important. Cleanse ourselves from the effects of the dark, help others. Chop all the sword of fire due to dark energy, influences. Decorate their shields trophies defeated gray. These strong hands his sword and shield. Watch and see.
You can own internal forces is given you to weaken the structure by rulers of darkness.
Brown could not do anything until there were temples, sanctuaries kind of heaven. The influence of the gray was not significant. Only destroyed the temple, energy-light structure they could not enslave punished kind of heaven, master the material heritage, defile the soul light.
Our internal no agreement without taking the existing system of the dark, our desire, the will to win, freedom — key. Our righteous thoughts — the key. Our idea, a vision of the dark and their servants stowed in hell — the key.
Dark, princes of darkness, built their temple of gray. Strengthened not enough, but we our thoughts, "visual" way, light can destroy the will of the structures that support them.
The city of Petra built up a large generator of dark energy. There fait plan to seize our land. It is no accident gray demanded that city as its autonomy, but have autonomy in the far lands, thus closing the loop of influence. In towns and cities where buildings are built the same type of build up dark energy, the energy of suffering. The temples lie drawn by the dark kind of heaven is asking for help. Forgotten that the church above all a place of great glory Gods, not a place laments, complaints and tears. Mausoleum on the square and the fortress itself converted into a fort post dark. Ruby stars, interior architectural systems fortress together is a powerful energy-structure support the power of dark. Now in the global electronic psy generators, television, radio, and communication. Wherever we are, would cause us suffering. We feel "sluggish" state of body, soul, spirit and conscience. Inhibition of the eyes and ears of our own.
Shorn wool, not only with the "sheep", but volosenye bulbs pulled alive.
The whole structure of the dark due not visible links. On related channels dark energy flows, is passed to the right place where it is not necessary to cause suffering or support programs dark.
The government is fully formed "aliens" from the world of darkness. They arrange a meeting for drawing, writing laws that are more and more cause suffering and enslave us. Any law enacted by them in their collection are the mental matrix of dark band which for its realization requires dark energy. Gray lead us to believe them and support them.
We live on the earth. Earth nourishes us weak, because dark as they want. Gray collected, manufactured structure that cut us off from our roots, nature and life itself. Darkness for light issued. Our creative forces, dark, focus on self-destruction, or to the existence of their laws, the very essence of our stay in the world, our being perverted.
Gods and ancestors calling us by given us to break, cut, burn no visible connection to pour without a measure of the light in the dark "corridors". You can visualize the power to close the gate mezhdumirya are open, but now the gate to be opened in one direction, to the worlds of the dark, in the thick of immeasurable. We can create a "vortex" send in the dark inferno. All dark, gray, the enemy sent to hell, we can do it. Gray, dark we did not ask, but are forced to live according to their laws. Our heavenly love find a weakness. We can force the gold of his thoughts turn to the fertile soil of the planet, they can make a pile of metal prized pottery shards. We can do it. We can turn any satellite in orbit around the Earth, any device they created for the "dark" technology to destroy. Each of us can take part in spiritual warfare right now. We can any flying mounts gray blow up, smash, destroy. Introducing dissonance in their power structures, their dark information field, where the dark mental matrix, each son or daughter of heavenly kind of frees from slavery neighbors. We should no longer be indifferent, passive observers, collectors incident. Our individual salvation helps princelings darkness with their plans, and power. While we are in the closed circle of the sole salvation, closed-loop pseudo improvement see the light under the influence of the dark possible units. Just spreading "arms" of the cloud we see the source of living light. Our spirit has to revolt.
While they are busy restoring its dark energy structure of the future will be won. Single spiritual, without a break will give the result of the onslaught. Do not keep waiting.
Until the day of freedom is important to our overall participation.
We can create life. We radiate light, the gift of living light that do not have the dark. No so much the dark, "operator", magicians, sorcerers, hangers-on, many devices to suppress the people of heaven.
We are born to live in the light of love.
We can "give birth" of living beings — "help" only by thought. Train "help" provide them with the knowledge, anoint names light you only known. Learn the "help" to learn of its own, to multiply itself and disciplined, united, developed jointly defend, attack, fight and defeat the dark. Share your experiences, feelings, dreams. Teach the "helpers" live in the light, get out of the light all the necessities of life. Until the day of freedom is necessary to weaken, wear down their enemies do not exist on the planet bearable.
Who are we? We "dream" idea of our Gods and ancestors. We embodied by praising the gods and ancestors. We embodied the "dream." We invested in the brightest, most vivid. We are born creative creative spiritual force. We like the gods and ancestors — Creators. Our "helpers" will live with us, fight with us, and we are continuing to materialize after our bright creative affairs.
Brown perish in hell!
Light and love fill the planet, society, born of heaven.
Fight! It is important to our overall participation!

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