Long jump Allen Dulles

In December 1946, the British secret service SIS began to develop an operation under the general heading of "deep penetration". The purpose of the special operation was developed by The sending spies to Armenia and Georgia across the border in Turkey. Under the plan the operation was supposed to smuggle several small groups to study the situation and the ability of the creation of the intelligence network for a long stay SIS intelligence personnel in the Caucasus.

Head of SIS residency in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul was named Kim Philby, in his puzzle came selection of suitable people for the job and specific training of agents to the border crossing.

Kim Philby (real name Harold Adrian Russell Philby) — the largest Russian spy, KGB general USSR, Hero of Russian Union.

It is not hard to guess about these dangerous plans of British intelligence became immediately clear Moscow. Stalin even took personal control of all activities affecting the implementation of plans, SIS, conducted by intelligence agencies. The plan Philby, the failure of the first zabroski militant force the British and their partners Yankees rid of subsequent plans.

In Turkey, suitable for the role of fighters people are not found, and because agents were picked up and sent from London, they were two young Georgian.

First border crossing was carried out in spring 1947. Agents accompanied by Philby and head of the Turkish security forces arrived in the Turkish village hither, where Georgians and moved towards the border. In the moonlight, Philby watched as both were smitten Georgian border gunfire.

Philby's plan worked, SIS has left forever the idea zabroski own espionage agents on the area of the USSR. But the plan worked only halfway to the Yankees demonstrative liquidation British agents had no effect. They decided to continue the trial, but now is not on the ground and in the air.

In the late 40's — early 50-ies of the last century, the U.S. administration has experienced a great lack of information on military and economic situation in the USSR.

With the arrival of Allen Dulles, the CIA training activities espionage operations against the Soviet Union dramatically activated. Given the bad experience of the British, it was decided to produce the transfer of the air, work started on the preparation, in which took an active role big on the Soviet Union, the head of the West German intelligence, Reinhard Gehlen.

Allen Dulles

Because after the war in the West left many former Russian people who did not want to return home, with the selection of an agency problems appeared. The first agent-illegals were two deserters Vlasovite Yaschenko and Voronets. C South American plane, they were thrown over Minsk in August 1951.

To them have been developed compelling legends, given to him by Yaschenko perfectly manufactured, fake documents bore the name Kasapov, his goal was to ride to the Urals to look for nuclear facilities. Cohosh for documents Raenko, tobacco factory worker, allegedly vacationing resort in the Caucasus, the goal was the same: the discovery of nuclear companies. Vorachivatsya it was necessary again the same across the Turkish border near the village of the same call you.

In the equipment agents were: pistol "Parabellum", folding large, 5 thousand rubles, a leather pouch of gold pieces and a few pairs of Russian hours, in case of bribery. CIA radio center located in Athens took their message about the successful landing, and all …

Follow-up information on their own agents, they have received only three months, from the central Russian newspapers, which reported the capture and execution by court 2-American spies.

Meanwhile, in September of the same year he was sent to another plane, now Chisinau.

And once again unsuccessfully … September 25 Duty Officer MGB Moldavian SSR from the headquarters of the Air Force received a telephone, the subsequent lines: "At 2:00 Minutka 24 posts VNOS recorded the occurrence of an unidentified aircraft with reduced side lights. Plane flying at high altitude in the direction of Chisinau. In the area of Căuşeni-bender plane abruptly went for a fall, and made a circle, gaining altitude, flew in the direction of the Black Sea coast.

Raised the alarm hooks caught plane-the offender. On intruder alarms did not respond, and 2 hours and 58 minutes was attacked. We downed the plane caught fire fighters left wing and he fell into the sea. The pilot managed to jump out of an airplane with a parachute into the sea, he was picked up by cargo vessel "Joliot Curie". In the course of interrogation, it was found that the decrease in the area of the aircraft, was produced by release of the 1st parachute. "

Within an hour after receiving the telephone message skydiver was in the hands of the Ministry of State Security of Moldova.

Paratrooper named Constantine Khmelnitsky (according to legend, student, nicknamed "The Soloist"), old he was only 25 years old. But in spite of her young age so Khmelnytsky had hardened traitor, behind which was a service in the SS battalion, in the which he waged war against Allied troops in Italy, at the service of the Nazis, he voluntarily entered the age of fifteen. After the surrender, he moved to France and studied at the Sorbonne but soon vyznat that Americans are recruiting young Russian and Ukrainians to perform espionage missions in the Soviet Union. Throwing his studies, he enrolled in sabotage and intelligence school, where for years he studied and learned the basics of sabotage case, running trainers Americans. Commando school, he graduated with distinction and was personally presented Gehlen.

Now our work started in October … "The Soloist" made contact with the focus being on the ground of Germany, with the message that he took up the job. Feed principal razvedsoobscheny sprinkle the center, just stunned the Yankees. According to several reports, "Soloist", he developed a violent activities on the ground USSR, created underground cells throughout the countryside Russian Union was preparing sabotage and acts of terrorism and spread dirt on Russian officials and party officials.

He also regularly create "bookmarks", with land and water samples taken near industrial sites Atommash. And while all the "Bookmarks" were completely neutral and worthless, a flurry of activity "Soloist" seriously impressed Dulles CIA chief, and he congratulated Helena with tremendous success …

But the most important speech "Soloist" in the summer of 1954 at a press conference for two hundred Western journalists accredited in Moscow, organized by the Foreign Ministry.

It Khmelnitsky, with a bona fide eye answering questions from foreign reporters told that since 1945 he is an agent of Russian counter-intelligence. His training in the American commando school had the task of our special services. In a story about learning it is not without humor told how the Americans encouraged the students in the middle of gambling, drunkenness and debauchery. And gave the main sensation, for which in fact was a press conference: "The Soloist," told reporters as he orders state security USSR three years, which led to a South American radio games center, as a result of which, according to him, were uncovered many hidden plans of the CIA.

Suffered embarrassment shocked
the international community, the chancellor of Germany gave the order to immediately end all Gehlen parachute operations against the Soviet Union. Thrust Americans for some time to try to continue zabrosku, each time getting to know the outcome of the Russian press.

In the period from 1951 to 1954 our counterintelligence was caught about 30 paratroopers, most of which were shot. Others were used in quizzes, as well as the well-known "The Soloist."

Americans have calmed down only in 1956, when he entered into service high-altitude spy «U-2", the head of the CIA Dulles gave the order to abandon forever zabroski paratroopers spyware on terrain USSR.


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