Lukashenka: without the help of the people it is hard to find these monsters

Belarus seriously challenged, and we must admit, is a very serious challenge. This was during an emergency meeting of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. "I would like to appeal to people, honestly and frankly, without you it is hard to find these monsters, you have to help us. Cover nothing, in this event we blame only, "- said the head of state.

Addressing representatives of law enforcement agencies and the government, Alexander Lukashenko said on the call needs "adequate response, and this response will be." "Good life will not let us, I warned you about this, do not want to remind today. Who are they? And the answer to this question please hurry ", — the president said, referring to the siloviki.



"We are not provided, as always, calm, even in the particular location of the capital — said Alexander Lukashenko. — The fault lies with us, and we must do everything to Luda did not think that we knowingly eat bread State. "

MIA: power of the explosive device was between five and seven kilograms of TNT

In turn, as reported to Alexander Lukashenko, Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, the power of a bomb in a subway station "Oktyabrskaya" of TNT ranged from five to seven kilograms of TNT.

"The train was moving from Victory Square towards the Independence Square. Presumably, an explosive device was under a bench on the platform in front of the second carriage. The explosion crater with a diameter of about 80 cm power of the explosion of TNT was 5 to 7 kg. The bomb was packed with metal balls with a diameter of about 1 cm, "- reported to the Interior Minister to President, BelTA informs.

According to Anatoly Kuleshov, at the time of the explosion in this place, there were about 300 people. At this time in the opposite direction to the other staff, who had to proceed without stopping.


As reported to the minister, currently organized inspection of all outgoing and arriving to the transport. Under special attention — along the borders in Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions. A stronger version of service transferred to the law enforcement agencies in the public places, railway stations and airports.

Also carried out the removal of all records with video surveillance systems, which will be studied in detail. The investigation will work out all the versions to fully establish a picture of the incident, said the head of the Interior Ministry.

With the explosion in the Minsk metro hit Russian citizens

On April 11, an explosion in the Minsk metro died 11 people, injured 126 people. 22 people are in critical condition. Among the injured there are two Russian citizens. The explosion occurred on the platform of the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" around 18:00.

According to RIA "Novosti" official representative of the Russian Embassy in Belarus Vadim Gusev, Olga Frolova born in 1973 is currently undergoing examination at the clinic, and hope Lukova born in 1961 placed in the surgical department.

Embassy ascertain whether there are other Russians among the wounded, and promises to help the victims.

At the site of the explosion are still working staff Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Interior

The entire metropolitan police moved on increased service. Police calls on citizens to be vigilant, BelaPAN.


Testimonies: "I went from one line to another — and suddenly an explosion on the platform. There was a hole, and most of all the victims, "- told reporters one of the witnesses of the incident.

Resuscitation team doctor Alexander Tsikach "suffered many — amputated limbs, shrapnel wounds, contusions. We were taken out of this transition is about five heavy, one dead and five injured easily. "

"I was sitting on the bench, which is the. It was just 18:00, — says Roman Ranevich witness. — Suddenly, an explosion, a ball of smoke, all at once ran to the escalator and on it. <…> The explosion was somewhere in the center of the platform, where the stairs (to move to another line), and I sat next to the escalator. Many were wounded — with detached legs, eye damage. Obviously, some scattered bolts or nuts. "

Timely information about the the dead and injured — Hotline 103

In addition, the Minsk city executive committee has also organized two telephone hotlines, which you can find out all the information.

Phone hotlines Minsk City Executive Committee:

(017) 233-92-69, (017) 294-23-71

Anyone wishing to April 12 from 9:15 can donate blood for the victims of the explosion in the Minsk metro. Blood transfusion will be located at: Dolginovsky tract 160. You must have a certificate of pre-medical office and a passport.

Blood Transfusion: telephone (017) 289 87 45

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