Lukashenko's voice at the summit in Astana, journalists heard

The summit of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Astana today ended without hope of an agreement on a plan to strengthen the participants in the organization.

In informal conversations diplomats said that an agreement could not, due to variance in a number of controversial issues, in particular because of the Russian-Georgian conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and Prydnyastrovya.Arganizatary summit, the Kazakh authorities, until the last minute hoping for a compromise. The final press conference of the president Nursultan Nazarbayev postponed several times in three hours. However, this additional time is not enough.

ASBE operates on the principle of consensus — which means that any of the 56 member states has the ability to block the outcome of the summit. Therefore, as reported to us from Astana international observer Jacob Roman, there were also voices insisted that we should go on decision-making by qualified majority.

Jacob Roman

"Here there was a natural scandal involving a famous Georgian issue. The fact that the outcome of the Russian President Medvedev tried to insert a statement about the new European security architecture. But this was not taken into account. Furthermore, take into account the views of the Georgian delegation, which is actually not recognized the results of the August Russian-Georgian war. And this is understandable, because to date anihto from OSCE countries, but Russia has recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. "

As for today's speech Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian leader said that first of all that the OSCE should develop universal standards for assessing the election:

"The OSCE is sometimes a kind of ax in someone's hands during the election campaign of a particular state. Standards election referred to OSCE representatives and officials, unfortunately, we do not have. But the reference is constantly on these standards. "

A specialist in the field of electoral law Sergei Alfer says really approved all countries OSCE election rules not:

Sergei Alfer

"But there are international guidelines approved by the elections, which are incorporated in the UN documents, the European documents. In fact, many researchers suffrage believe that the criteria laid down in the documents of the OSCE, can also be considered the principles of free and fair elections. They are also supported in its time OSCE countries, including Belarus. So there is no need to develop anything. They are, respectively, and the international community considers them to elections free and fair or unfree and unfair. "

In Astana, there were hopes that the Belarusian leader will make some sensational statement says Roman Jacob:

"Everyone expected that Lukashenka's speech will bring the next sensation. But this did not happen. But, according to rumors on the sidelines, the text of his speech was corrected to a request by Nazarbayev himself yesterday evening. And all the "rough edges" have been thrown out of the question. Like it or not? When asked this question, no one denies. "

But the fact that the head of Belarus last night allegedly played hockey (this was reported by many media outlets) leader's press service Paul Light denies.

Roman Jacob confirmed that Lukashenko during a speech at the press center are having technical problems, which is why many of the journalists of his speech just heard. "But the press service of the summit quickly spread printed text of the speech." Journalists are in another room, and is not that where the summit meeting.


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