Lukashenko himself chooses and rule


"Let's hear — that will be interesting to say. Has performed a good candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk did. He spoke well, well spoken."

Woman: "My future interests me, but I look at it I do not want."

"Of course, I'm looking, but there's nothing not change …"

"As time permits. I am interested, for example, Rymashevski, I like Sannikov, a good program to them, listened to — what they are saying."

Mr."Look, I'm looking statements.'m Fine now say they want to, that is expressed."

Woman: "Of course I want to see, I want to hear them all together."

Pensioner: "I will hear what they will say — what will they do when they come?"

Man: "I'm guessing that it does not make sense: who was, and will remain one. This pessimism is correct, because everything is decided.'ll See: there candidates for president of the Republic of Belarus, but he said one day, I read it in the newspaper, I was, is and will be the president.'s it! Here are his words. Honestly, I swear, even my mother. "

Woman: "I am interested in intelligence of each of them, but I will still choose, I do not know."

Young people: "If this works out, see if it does not, I will not watch."

Young man: "The individual performances of the candidates I do not look, they are not very interesting to me. Debate I look with pleasure. If the person talking to another, it shows — how quick can navigate the situation. Debates are more spur of the moment, we can gain a better view candidate, if he is alive to talk to the other candidates for the presidency. "

Man: "Why, if you have time, you can look at. But I think it will still Lukashenko, and so he broke all conventions: on the constitution it should be two terms, as in Russia, for example, and he would be what? Fourth term. I think that he himself will select all. And will rule (Laughs). "

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