Lukashenko promises a $ 1,000 average salary

Before the election, the government of Belarus went to a small increase in pensions, public sector wages, scholarships, assistance with child care. As far as essential, and what has caused this support of the electorate.

The main sign of approaching an important political campaign — a slight increase in material benefits that the official propaganda presented as a personal concern for the people of the head of state. This time the scenario was repeated: in November increased the size of the labor and social pensions. The average increase was 10%. It had little effect on family budgets. But a large part of any such gesture retired government perceives greatly appreciated.

The Economist, a presidential candidate in the 2001 elections Goncharik says that in Belarus, in principle, there is a separate category of people who can relate themselves to the "well" — the same military retirees, former MPs and ministry officials. But to talk about the other not:


"The vast majority of people think the current prices are not about getting somewhere to go for the money, and that this money is not enough for the most needed food and pay for an apartment. Would it be better to question set people themselves: why we have the highest rate of price increases and of themselves are price Some of the inaccessible not only in Europe but in the whole world? . "

Despite the slight increase in pensions Belarusians also remain among the lowest in Europe. Average social pension taking into account the pre-election increase of 244 thousand rubles. The minimum pension age is 319 thousand.

Lukashenko also increased the size of the decree of scholarships to students of secondary vocational schools. The minimum payout is now 113 thousand rubles. In neighboring Poland, this amount exceeds the earnings of many Belarusians -300-400 dollars.

Sector wages also increased by 10 percent. But before the promised 5 years ago 500 state employees have not held — on average, they have $ 420.

The authorities have promised that from next year the average salary still make 500 dollars, and by 2015 will exceed one thousandth as independent economists believe such performance can be achieved only in one case — by continued growth of the external debt of Belarus.

According to a financial analyst Sergei Chaly, get new loans will be more difficult. Meanwhile now agrees debt of Belarus is $ 2,500 for every citizen:

Sergei Chaly

"The point is this: The main threat is that the refinancing would have to spend is likely to have a market interest rate. This is the case, if you can not negotiate with, say, Russia over the refinancing, if you can not negotiate with the international financial institutions such as the IMF or the World Bank. market interest for us now a little less than 9%, which is very important. Indeed, our old debts — primarily Russian and International Monetary Fund — estimated at about 3.5-4.5%. That is, they were quite preferential. But now the situation can change dramatically. "

Most alternative Lukashenko presidential candidates during television appearances agree that the election authorities to artificially maintain the illusion of calm in financial markets, although in fact the financial system — on the verge of collapse. According to analysts, the situation in the financial sector like the one that happened in the early days of 2009 — when the ruble at one point lost once 20% of the cost, and in less than a month became cheaper by one third. Over the next six months, the same wages in dollar terms decreased by half.

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