Machine guns at the candle

During the war was fought intense development of rapid-aircraft machine guns intended to change SHKASS reliable.

One of the options being tested at the site was a machine gun design Sokolova (I think he did not go into a series — with its rate of fire which allowed to cut the pillars of a single queue, swiftly ended ammunition, and of the life was not great).

And on the ground, were the subject of comparative tests of machine guns, came designer. He talked to the brothers Weapon Technician, among which were just aces in shooting a machine gun, and in the course of their conversation a little podzuzhil:
— And can any one of you to put out a shot from a gun candle, say from 50 meters?

The guys here were lit, got hold candles, placed them on the range … yes here only no time to retreat from a burning candle, as the wind it here zhe extinguished.

Fortunately at the test site was a barn. Here's a candle in this barn and installed. It can be seen at the same time. Obviously wide open door, measured distance. Well, as gun only shoot bursts, then just charged one patron. And here it was found out that the problem is not so ordinary.

There was a couple of snipers, who managed to kill a candle, but decided that it was against the rules — Well just put out its required. In general, when all tried and decided that this can only be the case, the designer said, "Okay, let me try." It must be said that the design tools themselves occasionally shoot decently, but we respected, gave way behind a machine gun, trying not to smile. Sokolov is long and painstakingly took aim, fired later, candle went out. Ran checked intact darling. Designer abruptly started to respect me.

When the delegation vorachivalas to the car, the driver who had brought Sokolov's ground, quietly asked:
— I beheld that you are charged the gun chuck which pulled out of the pocket. It's that special, a motivated?

Falcons grinned.

— No, Chuck everyday, only in the pool diagonally drilled hole. During the flight of such turbulence does — you can put out the fire, not like a candle.
— And why are you so long aiming?
— You know, Sara was afraid of the door do not get — sorry Sokolov said.

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