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Despite the fact that the ancient civilization of Assyria left on the memory of himself and the edification of posterity a lot of clay, stone, copper, silver plates, chronicles, we are aware of its historical evolution is not so much. The reason is simple. Ruling circles of the city-state of Ashur and the cities of Nineveh, Harras, Kerkemish before in 609 BC. e. destroyed their implacable enemies, Babylon and Media, which for centuries engaged in varnishing reality, exposing it to the mythological and mystical light.

Ashurbanipal hunting lions

As a result, every modern scholar has to offer inquisitive audience his own concept, at best, falls short of a beautiful hypothesis. Therefore, summarizing multiple points of view, try to answer the most difficult question: what is it that was the Assyrian empire?

So the third millennium BC. Assyria is still called Alum-Ashur (Community god Ashur). Is located on a compact site yellowish fertile land. Population — Semites and "blackheads, who is not known," the Sumerians. Knowing each other's languages, live in harmony. On one of the People's Assembly decide that the Sumerian language should be the language chosen, dedicated — the best-educated, well-off. Collectivist social order. Land, water, livestock, food, belong to all on equal terms. But luxuries distributes so-called House of the municipal council of the nobility, except for one year, appointing treasurer, and for life, unless justify the confidence of the king.

King to be not so easy. It is not an absolute ruler, who is able to execute at the whim and mercy. It is, above all, fully accountable and the poor, and rich men of faith Torch, Chief Priest of inevitable fate, held annually rite of purification, sophisticated, original, humiliating, cruel. Monarch, like a dog on a chain drove through the streets, spat on, ridiculed, poured sewage. If martyr endured bullying, then went on to lead an idle or a nonbinding life, wearing silk, eat delicious food, have forty young concubines, spacious apartments, a swimming pool with heated water.

There were incidents. One of the favorites, sending out a barber in his place, gave himself up to the familiar and gluttony … died of indigestion. The barber well worth having passed the test of shacks moved into the palace. Rules of this Hudullaman I thirty years, managing to put on stream lucrative slave trade, grain, oil, pottery, to create a mobile, well-equipped army, give the homeless shelter, bread, salt, mats and blankets.

British historian Paul Davies is obviously not without reason called the city-state of Ashur elected kings of the dynasty, "the cradle of the Ancient great power", which sagacious Pharaoh Akhenaten said: "Stan Blackface overturn the existing order of the universe." Indeed, for some hundred years, thanks to the Herculean efforts of the autocrat, despot Ashshurubalita I and his excessively violent followers of the conquerors, the modest city of Ashur has grown to an invincible empire, dominates hogging the prosperous, far weaker states. The greatest power of Babylon fawning ashshuritov crouched at his feet, giving married Assyrian royal crowned his young girls, paying tribute to the fabulous, serving and feeding the once despised by the people.

Paul Davies writes: "Over the imperial ambitions could not be influenced. You can not study modern history, good understanding in the ancient. In fact, nothing has changed in our world, all committed under the old nakatannomu way. Think about it! In the XIII century BC Assyria, deploying armed expansion, broke ranges powerful enemies, including the monarchical regimes Mittani and Syria. At last, he washed the blood insulting robbery, rape, slavery was taken to 30,000 soldiers. The Assyrian king Tikultininur — beast in the flesh — abused souls of the Babylonians, taking away and taken to Ashur golden statue of their supreme god Morduka.

How do we know about the nefarious deeds of these antediluvian monsters? Language Assyrian bas-reliefs and eloquent. That these emerging Millennium stone slabs? It is not only the scenes royal hunting lions when the slaves do live bait for predators. We also see racing chariots, destroyed cities, severed heads in the hands of the victors. The inscriptions do not lie: "The victorious warrior loved and respected by the gods, the defeated warrior for the gods — despicable dust." In other words, the only ideal for a boy, boys, men — a feat to fighting field. "

The Assyrians, of course, were barbarians, but it is special, so to speak, philosophizing seekers personal gain. The best warriors boasted hundreds of concubines, whom they dressed in fine clothes and … holding a black body. Why? The answer to the famous "Epic of Gelgameshe, king of Uruk." It turns out that in this God-man, to save others from personal immortality and eternal love of a beautiful girl, the Assyrians have seen its like. Gelgamesh said: "I am fighting for the sake of fighting, not to my rusty sword. If confers power over the fate of the worlds, I am humbled become the universal lord. But women do not have to be my companions, because they interfere with the fight. I have no attachments, except for attachment to the mother and the soldiers under my command. "

And lived warriors of Ashur, nothing and no fear, including — Shimea-Destiny. They gave us the saying: "What will be, will not escape." A position in the sky of stars, planets, they believed, should diligently monitor as determining the frequency of births, deaths, wars, floods, fires, earthquakes. "The death was initially naked, freezing alone — instructs cuneiform clay tablets of Ashur. — Sinks his teeth into the throat of the enemy, drink his blood and sweet in your home it became owned by him enjoy the best fruits. Remember, do not forget how much the kiss of life is brief, but luck is capricious. "

"The dying lion." Relief from the palace of King Ashurbanipal at Nineveh. Around 635 BC

The vast majority of historians are unanimous that the civilization of ancient Assyria bears the imprint of a destructive mystique mystique change of hedonistic pleasures, that, in fact, has led to its rapid decline. In the book, Paul Davies, "The Rise and Fall of Ashur" the pin is specified: "The great Assyrian literature wisdom, teaching all around, learned nothing fearless, obsessive collectors of imperial ambitions land warriors.

When the bloody struggles they prefer well-fed idleness, laziness, I immediately forgot how to not only attack, but even to defend himself. Babylon and its allies easily achieved revenge plunged the former colossus, setting the cultural and scientific heritage. Fugitive Assyrians, fused with other people, and did not rise from his knees. " Genius Karl Marx believed that corrupt empire zazhirevshie viable.

Alexander Dmitriev

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