Maholet on human-powered flying a few seconds


Dutch mechanical engineer is working on the implementation of Leonardo da Vinci's dream of flying on a human-powered vehicle. However, with the help of modern gadgets.

Attention! Videos presented below, installed two attempts to take off (second take can be found on the duct tape on the wing)

Yarnos Smets — the main driving force of the project Human Birdwings. According to him, the first successful test flight has already taken place, but managed to get off the ground quite a bit.

This is not a single crystal Yves Rossy. Instead rocket pack behind Mr. Smets (or any other brave madman) — a set of wings that drives the pair of brushless electric motors with external rotor motor.

"Pilot" sticks his hand in a specially designed sleeves that are associated with wings flexible connection and carry on "Google Phone» HTC Wildfire S. When a man waving his arms (like a bird!) Smartphones via Bluetooth transmit information about the speed of his movements with its internal accelerometer microcontroller board Seeduino, and so it makes motorized flapping wings flapping in accordance with the "pilot." Eventually, with the help of a planetary transmission, these movements are beginning to imitate the bird's wings.

In short, clumsy moves by human hands become more elegant movements of the wings, as a result, and allows two-legged slightly off the ground.

But that's not all. Mr. Smets found on the pack controller Wii Remote, in order to "Google Phone" possessed information about how to move the wings.

The wings are made of fabric, usually running on the kites. On the bottom side they are reinforced by vertical ribs special aerodynamic — for stabilization. There is also a small tail-wing, covering the mechanical part of the device perpendicular to the main wings.



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