Martian sand demon!


Mars — an incredible place. Too easy to think that it is cold, dry and lifeless desert, but it is not so — it has an atmosphere, albeit slim, seasons, although not as pronounced, as we do, and yet there is the weather.

High-resolution camera on board the Mars orbital reconnaissance offers a fantastic view of the changes that are happening on the planet. It turns out that sometimes the Scout is at the right time in the right place and takes a truly fascinating phenomenon — for example, such as this one sand-spout (demon), towering above the ground:

Sandy demons — small smerchiki are not as powerful as tornadoes on Earth, but have the same nature. The sun heats the surface of the desert, and the warm air begins to rise. If at this point at a certain height the cold wind blows, it is the wave begins to break the pillars of warm air, twisting spiral upwards. In the deserts of the world, too, there is a similar phenomenon, usually up to hundreds of meters. But the devil is in the picture, judging by the length of the shadows — 800 meters! It is very high, I tell you.

Devil relative vertical — up to a height of 250 meters. Then the wind blowing at this height, bend the tail starts being a tornado, turning it into a snake. The way in which the demon moves on the surface, almost straight.

It is interesting that traces the daemon on the surface of light, not dark. The fact that a heavy, matted layer of dust is light, which raises the vortex and pulls it behind her, leaving a bright track.


Demons are most common in the spring. And despite the fact that we have such in the world, I would be very interested to be in place one of his descendants who were in a good suit on the surface would have seen over such a spectacular tall sand demon tail of Mars.

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