Medvedev has introduced a moratorium on further quarrel?

In Moscow on the eve of the summit of the Customs Union held a closed bilateral meeting between the presidents of Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko takes part in a number of integration summit of the Eurasian Economic Community, the Customs Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization. He signed documents to create a single economic space. Belarus under Russian will receive duty-free Russian oil.

During the meeting between Lukashenko and Medvedev discussed the cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the framework of the Customs Union. This was reported by the press secretary of the President of Russia Natalia Timakov. No other details she told him. Head of the Press Service of the President of Belarus Paul Light said a little more. The meeting lasted more than one and a half hours, and it touched on topical issues of bilateral relations. According to Light, the meeting was held behind closed doors, and journalists were not allowed even to make the ceremonial shooting. Paul Light explained that the meeting was held "in a calm, constructive and friendly atmosphere."

After the talks, Medvedev and Lukashenko came to welcome the president of Kazakhstan, "in high spirits." According to Mr Easy, in the course of the meeting the issues of oil and gas. On whose initiative was the meeting?

"At the initiative of the Russian side. I have no way to talk about it in detail. "


Does everything mentioned support for the Kremlin candidate Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election in Belarus? Russian State Duma deputy, head of the Institute of CIS Zatulin removes the meeting "a smaller place," and believes that just "have all taken a moratorium on further argument."

"Russian President Medvedev for the past few months has made the maximum possible, so that no one suspected the Russian intervention in the elections in Belarus on the side of Lukashenko. Perhaps this was not the most efficient way and it is unlikely in the hope of a particular result in the election. I do not think that this meeting could so clearly imply an endorsement of President Lukashenko in the elections. It can be interpreted as a kind of normalization of relations between the two presidents after a surge of emotion. I see no rational prospects for continued tough debate and recrimination. After all, economic and political order of the day requires decisions. They can not be interrupted during the election campaign in Belarus. As can not be canceled after it. "

Russian media have reported very briefly about the meeting between presidents of Belarus and Russia. For example, the NTV news about the strong snowfall has put far ahead.

Kirill Koktysh

Moscow political analyst Kirill Koktysh sees this meeting as a victory of the official Minsk.

"It is obvious that Russia did not plan this meeting. But it happened, and it may move that would indicate that Russia still has decided to accept the results of the Belarusian elections and will not take any special and unusual position for themselves. This development shows just such an opportunity. "

According to journalist Pavel Sheremet, Russia links the recognition of the elections with the signing of Alexander Lukashenko of key documents in the framework of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space and the oil and gas contracts.

Pavel Sheremet

"Lukashenko knows it and attempts to hit and advanced to negotiate better terms for themselves. But the possibility that Moscow once again take him at his word, and now remains low. "

Lukashenko signed documents to create a single economic space. But Belarus will receive Russian under the duty-free Russian oil. That is, the transfer fee from the sale of petroleum products in overseas markets to the Russian budget.


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