Members of the Tell the Truth campaign calling for the officers not to forget the pride

December 8th the company "Tell the Truth" carries a picket at the House of officers, where there will be another meeting of the officers of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

The picketers calling for officers to act in conscience and honor as the day of the elections on 19 December and during the election campaign.

They are holding a banner reading: "19 December do not forget about the officer's honor" and a portrait of the missing general Yuri Zakharenko.

One of the picketers Mikhail Pashkevich said:

"At its time Zakharenka clearly said the head of state, he has the oath, the oath to the state. So on a day when all the officers are going, we remind that the officers be oath is to the state. And they have to keep it on the day of elections on December 19. And oath not to a specific person they called commander in chief, and the oath of the state. "

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