Mogilev: TBM is fighting for the Jesuit church

Mogilev organization of the Belarusian Language Society defends the place where the church has remained the foundation of St. Xavier's, from being there erected a modern building. One of the commercial organizations decided to build himself an office there. TBMavtsy will ask for support from the Mogilev public. Have achieved a meeting with the leadership and executive committee.

Today to support the activists arrived in Mogilev head of the Society for Protection of Monuments of Belarus Anton Astapovich. Meeting with him took place in the regional library.

Anton Astapovich

According to a guest, the construction of an office building on the site of the church is not allowed. If this happens, the historic center of Mogilev will only lose and return the situation to the legal framework will be extremely difficult.

Astapovich"I did not just arrived, I went to the city council and there laid out a vision of the Company regarding the erection of monuments of office in a special letter to suspend work on the project. The historical part of the town-planning concept of Mogilev is to recover the building of the church of St. Xavier. At this point I do not stop. In the Ministry of Architecture I'll send the same sheet. It will ask to close the object on the grounds that it violates national laws on the protection of monuments. "

During the meeting.

As stated by Mr. Astapovich, decide on new buildings in the historic part of the city is only necessary after conducting a comprehensive independent study of a specific site. As for where were the foundations of the church, then it should be left undeveloped — the descendants solved. There will be money from them — they rebuilt the church.

Church of St. Xavier's, or the Jesuit church, destroyed in the 60-ies of the last century. Now, the shrine — a wasteland. From the previous area, where there was a church, leaving only the building Drama and residential building is fenced off St. Stanislaus.

Oleg Diachkov

The head of the Mogilev organization TBM Oleg Diachkov"In the historical part of Mogilev only a few areas where the foundations are preserved architectural landmarks. In the upper town — except that the foundation of the church and the Church of the Epiphany Xavier. Office buildings, the city we have a large, and there is enough space. Our task — to interest the public, city officials that the building of the church worthy of recovery primarily, since the foundation was under threat of destruction. "

Church of St. Xavier's baroque erected in 1725 near the royal gate. After the expulsion of the Jesuits by the authorities of the Russian Empire from Belarus in the thirties of the nineteenth century, the church gave the Orthodox faithful. They added two at a Catholic shrine faceted dome and gave it a new name — the Church of the Resurrection.

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