Monkey with glasses?

Stefan Mueller, long-term observer for the presidential elections in Belarus continues to be surprised. New pages from the diary. Written in Grodno, without indicating dates.

Honey instead of elections and drifts

The city has a honey fair elections, people have heard about, but they are held once in a partisan: can not see anywhere else, only to suddenly stuck on pedestals photos of some of the candidates. We were here long-term, how many people will be several dozen observers from the OSCE, but it is in the whole province (so it seems, it is called together officials, as chief among them — the "governor" of the love with relish repeating the local press) — from the river Memel to the place where they want to put a nuclear reactor.

City Newspaper Garten beats the drums, we pop in all the offices under the nose of the room in which the head of the city suddenly decided to "democratize" the electoral process. I read, as it is in Russian, which I own, now that the election notice can be Stuck at the door of their dormitory, zhilkontoru, dining rooms. So I think — and here is why democratization and before that it was impossible to do? Is there always so shy of his election, seeking that they pass unnoticed?

Officials from the mouths of pleasure to the ears everywhere too offer different room uchytvayusya. Lithuanian MP, who visited the city, it turns out, praised the electoral process, said that "as a presidential candidate allowed appearances on television!" Then it turns out, have allowed more than a weasel! It reminded me of the Soviet anecdote about Freaks, which made swimming pool with diving board and promised that if they are well behaved, it is possible that water and poured …

A revolution in the TV

Earlier I wrote that Belarusians backed away from the TV, which began to show instead of one person as many as ten. It seems that the first fright passed, and Belarusians even wondered if they admit that they felt the culinary whims. Used to give the usual "dinner-complex", the same every day, now, temporarily, there was some variety, sadly they are joking.

Interesting point: someone told me he had not seen that in a store that sells televisions, the crowd was going to listen to "plain truth" when were opponents of the regime. Second, listeners, viewers were embarrassed that they can be at this time "zafatagrafavats." But curiosity was the winner of their fear.

Thus, the fear. Why? A local chief of "whipped" on the screen of the presidential candidates, write to the ear: "Ani demanded it ether … or thought come out great orators on the screen will say a few words, and the people run after them to give voice …" So, in this country privatized TV, owned by one supervisor. That it was really the state, it would have to constantly show all politicians, not a single, so you do not blame the rest of the air time as those "monkey with glasses" — do not know how and where to place them.

It's no secret: any boss for the first time got into television, will feel better than all the rest. He will also work closely within the framework of the screen, rubbing, sweaty, especially if he feels hostility, which showed the candidates — strangers on television that dare to challenge the regime, which — once and not understand — zabranzavev or hardened, or both.


One of the candidates opposed himself to all the rest, alleging that they dream Belarusization! I almost zaperhavsya, just drinking a beer in front of the TV (by the way, tolerable, Belarusians have learned, if our company bought the brewery). To this has been said about the desire of Germanization, I still would not understand, yet it is not our glorious Germany. But the Ethe man accuse others of what they see and realize the need Belarusization not in Greenland or Sakhalin, and in the Republic of Belarus! In a word, these people could be arrested after the election on charges that they consider Belarusization positive necessity rather than a spyware attack on the sovereignty of the state!

I was told that this city of almost the most Belarusian in Belarus, but I'm disappointed if it's even true, it's true underground, I did not find here any signs in the Belarusian language, the impression is that he arrived somewhere in Sizran or The same Sakhalin. One feels that the government has put a lot of effort to do here outside the Belarusian was not noticeable. I was told that the goal was to connect the country to the eastern neighbor as a territory where no Belarusian sedition have not even left the remains, all carefully wiped out as the most harmful weeds.

I hope all the same, people not suffer for the prosecution in the dreams of Belarusization. I explained that Belarusization will mean the opening of Belarusian schools. Is it possible for it to jail? We have, when Russian occupation troops left the territory that was East Germany, their school was closed and replaced by German, but is that a crime? Honestly, something in that Republic turned on its head, the elections also testify to this. Anticipating that the circus on the wire ends vote …

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