Most mysterious craters on Earth

Places where meteorites fall, often surrounded by a strange and mysterious rumors. It is said that the zones of meteorite craters acquire their special properties. Found many such places around the globe, and they cause a burning unchanging interest not only to researchers of meteorites, but also those who are interested in paranormal phenomena.

Meteor Crater is also called the "Barringer Crater" and "Devil's Canyon." It is located in northern Arizona. Its diameter is 1265 meters, depth — 175 meters.

It is assumed that the crater arose about 27,000 years ago in the fall to Earth nickel meteorite with a mass equal to about two million tons. Local Indians talked about this many legends and used metal fragments found there for their own needs.

Constantly receiving information about the appearance in the Arizona crater of unidentified flying objects, and various obscure light effects. In the center of the zone from time to time there are gravitational and chronal anomalies that may be caused by the presence of a powerful magnetic radiation — it is not uncommon for sites where there are voids and cracks in the earth's crust.

Mysterious blast is June 30, 1908 in the East Siberian Stony Tunguska, for over a hundred years is haunted by the scientists. And not only our compatriots. For example, researchers from Bologna, led by an expert in marine geology Luca Gasperini said that they might have been able to find a crater from an unknown celestial body drop!

Italians noticed Ceco taiga lake that lies eight kilometers north-west of the proposed ground zero. The location of the reservoir coincides with the flight path of the giant body, which later for no particular reason was called the Tunguska meteorite. Curiously, Lake Cheko unchecked on any map, made before 1929, and according to the testimony of local residents, before the crash in 1908 it did not exist …

Meanwhile, in the East Siberian taiga in Patom Highland is a strange mountain topped with. Inside — a perfect circle a cavity in the center of which stands the 12-meter hill, again … right circular crater walls are made of blocks of different sizes.

Official sources mysterious crater appears as Zabuldinsky cone, and local residents, the Yakuts call it "Fire Eagle's Nest." Although far from here is deer trail, nomadic herders tend not to spend the night near the mountain. Otherwise, certainly not going to count at least one animal in a herd! Maybe the deer fall prey to wolves, but no one saw wolf tracks near the crater, and other marks in the approach somehow always lost …

And then people die. Hunters who came close to the crater, not just dying of its own weapons. Their bodies with gunshot and stab wounds were found near the hill, and examination showed that the man was shot or cut my throat myself, but here's arms always disappear …

In the early twentieth century miners heard in a neighboring village Bodaybo strange rumble in the sky and saw a huge light pillar. The most interesting is that it is … June 30, 1908. That is the day of the famous Tunguska explosion! I do not fall for it Patom Highlands one of the fragments of the legendary meteorite?

Expedition to explore these areas in 2006, found at a depth of 100-150 meters of a strong magnetic anomaly. Then the source it was never found. Recently, another expedition, which was attended by members of the Irkutsk electroprospecting company, found that a crater is a three-dimensional object with a high electrical conductivity.

Several years ago, a research expedition association "Kosmopoisk" carefully examined the area near Moscow Lytkarino, where it is said, are constant anomalies, such as a strange accident fatalities … Explorers "Kosmopoisk" led by Vadim Chernobrov interested countries crater near highway of which they informed local VA Korenkov. The diameter of one of the craters was about 100 meters, depth — about five meters. Trees could be seen near the ground, apparently thrown out the explosion. Inside the crater and ground shafts growing pine and spruce. It was found that the age of the trees — at least 150 years. According to scientists, the funnel itself originated from 150 to 1000 years ago.

Inside the pit were found rusted metal debris — presumably fragments of unknown body weighing several tons, exploded here in ancient times.

Vadim Chernobrov and his colleagues do not rule out that it is the fall of a meteorite caused the glory of this anomalous zone — are underground voids, over which and paved highways. And in these areas often present different physical fields, affecting people …

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