Mother-Raw Land


There is nothing for human life is sacred maternal feelings. Son of his native land, living, nursing her bounties, the Russian people, breathing in one breath with nature, full of the Mother-Earth Raw truly filial love and respect. How to survive not one, but two centuries of legends and almost rumor yesterday said the red words, flew from one end to play folk expanses of Russia, unanimously supports this, nor an inch is not consumed with the life-way of the later descendants of the mighty hero of the Russian Land Mikula-light-Selyaninovich living in Holy Russia in the old days of old.

In spontaneous popular mind still to this day does not die living consciousness century due to deify his wife praboga Svarog, the mother of mankind, which had a reputation for air hugs the earth absorbs them in a single plodotvoryaschem Sacrament.

"From the land taken, ground feed, go to the land" — farmer told Russian villages. Nurse he calls the land fully returning it sowed grain in a good hour, my mother doth birthmarks. And this — the word great. "Good mother to their children, and land — to all people," "Mother-Raw-Land of feeds, water them all, all the clothes, all his warmth warms", "Bow to the mother-piece of land, will reward you handsomely!" "How to not get anyone, but it's not good mother-Raw Earth: Every priyuchaet land to the grave, and the earth lodges and dead" — condemns the popular rumor, overheard their inquisitive Kalita-gatherers. "Every man — and the good, and the thin one — the earth will give shelter," "I shall die — buried on top of the ground will not put a", "Age of live maeshsya, bezdomnikom wander die — your home you will find in the damp earth" — adds to this rumors suggested by their miserable lives, saying the poor beggars, living (in her giggly jokes) "against the sky, on the ground, uncovered the street." No wonder arise from the depths of the sea folk and words such as: "We need water fish, and Free Bird expanse under heaven: and the man — there is nothing more necessary, as the Mother-Raw-Earth — will die, and then it will go," "Who earth — our mother, who — my child my mother, and to whom, and stepmother, yes all the time will come, and the stepson of crude chest presses, not alienate, not kill — to his will, to the eternal ages prigolubit, "" Foods — as feeding ground, teach — as the land teaches: love — like the earth loves ».

A lot goes on in the village, the people of Russia Poselsky any proverbs, sayings and pribautok on how and what to eat his plowman land-nurse. All this red wealth comes to the actual words of faith in people's hearts, which reflected hearted wisdom of centuries of experience of working life under the rule of the land.

Mother Earth Cheese seems to deify nature Slavs zhivim humanoids. Herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees, rising to its mighty body, seem lush hair … "The earth created, like a man," — repeat it, in a modified form, in one of the later monuments chronicle: "The stone Thou hath body instead Bone is rooted hath instead lived wood and grass, instead Vlasov bylie instead of blood — water "… all the fruits of the earth to be born, the goddess of fertility experienced by people's word, not one happy feeling of motherhood. Thirsty, she drank jets with razverzavihsya over her bosom heaven rain water, shook with fear when earthquakes strict bedtime fell asleep upon the occurrence of the winter cold, it was protected from the swan in snow, with the arrival of spring, with the first prigrevom zachuyavshego spring sun, she awoke — mighty, resurrected from their winter fears with the first spring breath of the earth. Walks villages, hamlets and today flowery red rumor that and now it is sensitive to the prophetic voice of nature, worthy of its revelations are people who hear these chudodeynye sighs, each of which flows into the parched heat and light of the universe lives mighty wave of creativity.

Against reverence Mother Raw Earth, preserved to the present day, rose more in the 15-16 centuries advocates strict letter of the covenants of Orthodoxy, smashing into the walls of the church folk superstition. But not for a terrible accusation, no time, with all its ruthlessness not eradicate this tradition early days, sunk into the dark ages, departed into the bottomless depths of the past, of the ancient. Who does not honor the land, the nurse, according to the people, plowman, not give bread — well, the fact that the full, and in progolod. Who filial bow ochestlivym not worship Mother Earth, Raw, coming for the first time in the spring thaw zachernevsheesya field — on the coffin of her nalyazhet not down easy, and heavy stone. Who is not taking with him a handful way chuzhedalny native land, to never see their homeland. Patients desiring "lihomankami" — dashing sisters. goes in the net, beat bows to all four corners of the earth white prichitayuchi: "Sorry, the side-Raw-Mother Earth!" aching "spoiling" drop down at the crossroads, asking Mother Earth Cheese-lift self-inflicted disease dashing man. "Like cures like" — says people's Russia. And now — the old people in the know advise make those who hurt, broken, in the very place where such a disaster happened, and pray to the ground for forgiveness. "Nyvka, Nyvka! Give my Silke! I've been expecting you, force dropped her to the ground "- in many places vyklikivayut Volga Rus reaper, rolling on the ground, it is quite sure that, leaning against it, return all watered labor then domination. Land and of itself is revered by the people remedy it: it soaked in saliva, healers heal wounds, stop the blood, and applied it to the patient's head. "How great land — said at this — so and my head was in good health," and so on. "Mother-Raw-Land! Uymi you all sorts of vermin evil omens and dashing deeds! "- Pronounced in some places, even now at the first grazing on spring pasture. In the old days when it was poured on the ground Potbelly oil — as if to placate the land of the victim. "Mother-Raw-Land! Soothe you with all the winds noontime scourge uymi loose sand with a snowstorm "- keep following this pamyatuemy places and now awe-prichet conspiracy.

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