MTV in Belarus will become a European

MTV channel in 2011changes in Russian geo-referenced with the European — rather than in MTV Russia Belarus will show MTV Europe.

The transition will take place in the spring of 2011 — that next year the famous music channel turns 30 years old.

According to Elena Semenova, Director of Active Media, which is a partner of the Belarusian European MTV, «the transition can be called" structural changes "that are not directly related to the opinion of the audience channel, although the first reaction of people to this positive news."

Elena Semenova"Logically I can not make any predictions about the reaction of the audience. Part of the audience, accustomed to the Russian pop music, go to the "BelMuzTV," but we probably would distract the audience from other channels — those people, who love western music. "

Semyonov said that the transition from Russian television shows and pop to the "western" product will not significantly affect the number of Belarusian viewers MTV. The share of the TV channel in Belarus is about 1%.

Comment on the changes in the Belarusian broadcasting channel MTV «Freedom» asked the leader of the pop group «J: Mors» Vladimir Pugach.

Vladimir Pugach"Yes I do on the drum. I am neither one nor the other was not looking, since I have no TV at home. Someone more like European music — the better, who prefer the Russian — that would be worse. I do not listen to music from the television, I shake myself what I like. "

MTV channel was created in 1981 in the United States. The European version of the Music appeared on television six years later.


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