Much chupokabra swam Don


Chupacabra is now threatening the lives of people. In the Voronezh region discovered a mystical vampire gigantic proportions. If the earlier victims of the bloody murderers became only pets, but now the monster seems to be able to cope even with the adult strong man.

According to experts of the appetites of a mysterious predator increases with each passing day. People are very scared and in a panic, many leave their homes.
In the morning, many villagers discovered the loss of livestock and poultry. Cats began to disappear, and those that remain — do not depart from the hosts on a step. And in the evening because of the river there was a terrible howl, from which the locals hair stand on end. Judging by the tracks leading to the river, the animal has left either under water or swam across the river and took refuge on the other side.

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