Mysterious artifacts of antiquity, who were their authors?

Since Darwin science more or less managed to enter the logical framework and explain much of the evolutionary processes that took place on Earth. Archaeologists, biologists, and many others … Epidemiology agree and believe that is 400 — 250 thousand years ago on the planet thrived beginnings of this society. But archeology, you know, science is so unpredictable, no, no, and throws up all the new findings, which do not fit in neatly folded scientists conventional model. You will find 15 most mysterious artifacts that made the scientific world to reflect on the correctness of the existing theories.

Sphere of Klerksdorp

1. Sphere of Klerksdorp.

It is estimated that the mysterious artifact about 3 billion years. They are disc-shaped and spherical objects. Corrugated balls are of two kinds: some bluish metal, monolithic, with a splash of white matter, while others are hollow, and the cavity is filled with a white spongy material. The exact number of areas, no one knows, because the miners using cmd still continue to extract them from the rock, near the town of Klerksdorp, situated in South Africa.

Dropa Stones

2. Dropa stones.

In the mountains of Bayan-Kara-Ula, which are located in China, has made a unique discovery, age is 10 — 12 thousand years. Dropa Stones in the hundreds, are like records. This stone disks with a hole in the middle and applied to the surface of spiral engraving. Some scholars tend to assume that the disks are carriers of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Antikythera mechanism

3. Antikythera mechanism.

In 1901, scientists discovered the Aegean Sea mystery of sunken Roman ships. Among other surviving antiquities found mysterious mechanical artifact that was made about 2,000 years ago. Scientists were able to recreate the most complex and innovative for the time the invention. Antikythera mechanism was used by the Romans for astronomical calculations. What is interesting, it is used in differential gear invented only in the XVI century, and the subtlety of miniature parts that was built a wonderful device, is not inferior to the skill of watchmaking XVIII century.

Ica Stones

4. Ica Stones

Unique stones found in the Peruvian province of Ica surgeon Javier Cabrera. Ica Stones — is treated with volcanic rock, covered with engravings. But the whole mystery is that there are pictures of dinosaurs (brontosaurs, pterosaurs and tritseraptory). Perhaps, in spite of all the arguments of scientists anthropologists, ancestors of modern man has prospered and engaged in creative activities in the days when the earth roamed these giants?


The Baghdad Battery

5. The Baghdad Battery

In 1936, in Baghdad found a strange-looking vessel, sealed concrete plug. Inside the mysterious artifact was a metal rod. Subsequent experiments showed that the vessel served as the old batteries, as filled construction similar to the Baghdad battery, electrolyte available at the time, may get electricity to 1 V. Now we can argue who owns the title of the founder of the theory of electricity, as the Baghdad Battery for 2000 years older Alessandro Volta.

Old "spark plug"

6. Old "spark plug"

In the Coso Mountains of California expedition to try to discover new minerals was find a strange artifact, its appearance and properties it resembles "a spark plug." Despite the dilapidated safe to distinguish ceramic cylinder, inside which there is a magnetized metal dvuhmillimetrovy rod. And he entered into a copper cylinder hexagon. Age finds a mysterious force will surprise even the most inveterate skeptic — it is more than 500 000 years!

Stone spheres of Costa Rica

7. Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Three hundred stone balls scattered on the coast of Costa Rica, and vary in age (from 200 BC. Oe. Before 1500 BC. Oe.), And by size. However, scientists are still not clear exactly how the ancient people they made and for what purpose.

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

8.  Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt.

8. Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt.

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

Aircraft, tanks and submarines of Ancient Egypt

The fact that the Egyptians built the pyramids, no doubt, but could the same people of Egypt think of to design a plane? A question that scientists are as long as in 1898 in an Egyptian cave was discovered by a mysterious artifact. The shape of the device is similar to an airplane, and if you set it the initial rate, it could well make a flight. The fact that in the era of the New Kingdom Egyptians were known as technical inventions as the airship, helicopter and submarine tells freskana ceiling of the temple, located near Cairo.

Handprint human age of 110 million years

9. Handprint human age of 110 million years.

And it is not the age for humanity, if we add on here and a mysterious artifact, a fossilized finger from the Canadian Arctic, owned by a person and has the same age. A found in Utah footprint, and not just legs and sandaled, age 300 — 600 million years! You wonder, since when are born of mankind?

Metal pipes from Saint-Jean-de-Livet

10.  Metal pipes from Saint-Jean-de-Livet

10. Metal pipes from Saint-Jean-de-Livet

Metal pipes from Saint-Jean-de-Livet

Metal pipes from Saint-Jean-de-Livet

Age of the rock from which you extracted the metal pipes, is 65 million years old, hence the artifact is made at the same time. Wow Iron Age. Another strange discovery extracted from the Scottish rock related to the lower Devonian period, ie 360 — 408 million years ago. This mysterious artifact was a metal nail.

In 1844, Englishman David Brewster said that in one of the Scottish quarries, in a block of sandstone, found an iron nail. Hat it as "grown into" the stone that the suspected fraud findings was not possible, although the age of sandstone belonging to the Devonian period, about 400 million years.
Already in our memory, in the second half of the twentieth century, the discovery is made, explain that scientists can not yet. Near the American town with a great name in London, in the state of Texas, at splitting sandstone Ordovician (Paleozoic, 500 million years ago), have discovered the remains of an iron hammer with a wooden handle. If we reject the man who at that time was not, it turns out that the dinosaurs and trilobites smelted iron and use it for commercial purposes. If we discard the clams and stupid, you have to somehow explain the findings, such as this: In 1968, the French and Dryue Salfati found in the quarries of Saint-Jean-de-Livet, France, metal pipes oval, age, if the date the Cretaceous strata, is 65 million years old — the era of recent reptiles.


Or this one: in the middle of XIX century in the Massachusetts Legislature blasting, and fragments of stone blocks was found a metal container, which was torn in half by the blast. It was a bowl height of about 10 cm, made of metal, resembling the color of zinc. Vessel walls decorated with images of six flowers in a bouquet. The rock, which kept that strange vase, refer to the beginning of the Paleozoic (Cambrian), when on the ground barely nascent life — 600 million years ago.

Iron Circle in coal

11.  Iron Circle in coal

11. Iron Circle in coal

It is not known what would the scientist said, if a lump of coal instead imprints of plants, would find … iron mug. Dated to the seam on the person of the Iron Age, and still, the Carboniferous period, when even the dinosaurs were not? And that item was found, and, until recently, that the circle was kept in one of the private museums of America, in Southern Missouri, but with the death of the owner, the controversial subject of lost track, to great, it should be noted, to facilitate scholars. However, there is photography.

When there was a circle of paper to read, signed by Frank Kenwood: "In 1912, when I worked for the municipal power of Thomas, OK, I got a massive lump of coal. It was too big, and I had to break it with a hammer. From a block of steel fell here this circle, leaving a hollow in the corner. Witness how I broke the block and out of it fell out of the circle, was a fellow by the name of Jim Stoll. I managed to find out the origin of coal — it produced in mines Uilbertona in Oklahoma. " According to scientists, the coal mined in the mines of Oklahoma has 312 million years, unless, of course, is not dated by the circle. Or a person living with trilobites — these shrimp last?

Foot on the trilobite 


12.Noga on trilobite

12.Noga on trilobite

Fossilized trilobite. 300 million years ago!

Although there is a finding that says exactly that — trilobite crushed shoe! Discovered fossil mollusks avid William Meister, who examined in 1968, the neighborhood Antelope Spring, Utah. He split a piece of shale and saw the following picture (in the photo — split rock).

Foot on the trilobite

Visible imprint of the shoe right foot, under which were two small trilobite. Scientists explain the nature of the game, and are willing to believe the find only in the presence of a whole chain of such traces. Meister — not an expert, and draftsman, in his spare time looking old, but his reasoning is sensible: the imprint of the shoe is not found on the surface of the hardened clay, and after cracking piece: cleavage occurred along the same print, seal the border, caused by the pressure of the shoe. However, which do not want to say, because people, according to evolutionary theory, has not lived in the Cambrian period. Then even the dinosaurs were not. Or … geochronology false. 

Sole shoes on the ancient stone 

13.Podoshva shoes on the ancient stone

13.Podoshva shoes on the ancient stone

In 1922, American geologist John Reid conducted a search in the State of Nevada. To his own surprise, he found a clear imprint on the rock shoe soles. Until now preserved picture this wonderful discovery.

Also in 1922, "New York Sunday American," an article written by Dr. W. Ballou. He wrote: "Some time ago, a famous geologist John T. Reid, while searching for fossils suddenly froze in confusion and amazement before a rock underfoot. There has been what looks like a human fingerprint, not bare feet, and the soles of shoes, which turned to stone. The front part has disappeared, but retained the circuit, at least two thirds of the sole. Around the circuit was a distinguishable thread which, as it turned out, attaches to the sole welt. Since the fossil was found, which is now the biggest mystery to science, as it is found in the rock, which, at least five million years. "
Geologist took a piece of carved rock in New York, where she visited several professors from the American Museum of Natural History, and geologist at Columbia University. Their conclusion was clear: the rock — 200 million years — Mesozoic, the Triassic period. However, the mark was recognized as these and all the other scientists heads … game nature. Otherwise I would have had to admit that the people in the shoes, embroidered with threads, lived with several dinosaurs.

Two mysterious Cylinder 


14. Two mysterious Cylinder

In 1993, Philip was the owner of Reef another amazing discovery. When routing the tunnel in the mountains of California discovered two mysterious Topper, they resemble the so-called "cylinder Egyptian pharaohs."

But its properties are quite different from them. They consist of half platinum, half of the unknown metal. If they are heated, for example, up to 50 ° C, they remain at this temperature for several hours, regardless of the ambient temperature. Then almost instantly cool to ambient temperature. If they pass through an electric current, they change color from silver to black, and then resumes its original color. Undoubtedly, the cylinders are keeping the other mysteries that have yet to discover. According to radiocarbon analysis, the age of these artifacts is about 25 million years.

Mayan Crystal Skulls

15. Mayan Crystal Skulls

According to the most commonly occurring stories, "Skull of Destiny" was found in 1927 by English explorer Frederick A. Mitchell-Hedges among Mayan ruins in Lubaantun (now Belize).

Others argue that the scientist had bought this item at auction "Sotheby's" in London in 1943 Whatever actually happened, the skull of rock crystal vygranen so advanced that it is an invaluable piece of art.
So, if the first hypothesis is considered true (in which the skull is a creation of the Maya), then we are bombarded by a rain of questions.
Scientists believe that the skull of destiny in a sense, it is technically impossible. Weighing about 5 pounds, and as a perfect copy of a female skull, it has a finality, which would have been impossible to achieve without the use of more or less modern methods, techniques, which owned the Mayan culture and which we do not know.
Skull perfectly polished. His jaw is separate from the rest of the hinge portion of the skull. He has long been attracted to (and probably will continue to do so to a lesser extent) of experts from various disciplines.
Also worth mentioning is the sustained ascribing to him a group of esoteric supernatural abilities, such as telekinesis, emitting an unusual odor, color change. The existence of all these properties hard to prove.
The skull is subjected to various analyzes. One of the inexplicable things is that made of quartz glass, and, therefore, has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (a scale of hardness minerals from 0 to 10), were able to cut the skull without hard cutting materials such as ruby and diamond.
Study the skull, which in 1970 spent U.S. company Hewlett-Packard, have determined that in order to achieve such perfection, it would have to grind the sand for 300 years.
Could the Mayans intentionally design work of this type, due date which would have been planned in the 3rd century? We can say only that the skull of destiny is not the only one of its kind.
Several of these items were found in various places on the planet, and they are created from other, similar to quartz materials. These concerns found in China / Mongolia whole skeleton of jade, made on a smaller scale than the human, it is estimated that approx. in 3500-2200 gg. BC
There are doubts about the authenticity of many of these artifacts, but there is something that is certain: crystal skulls still fun brave scientists.

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