Mysterious ghost footage


Fantastic stories have always attracted artists and filmmakers to create the next masterpiece. Today, reality and fiction has found a man sometimes difficult to understand what actually is a look into the future, and that is an objective reality.


Often people who are trying to capture the funny moments of the video camera, looking through the scenes footage, affects what appears on the frame. Here are just a few examples of what category of inexplicable was filmed "directors" amateur family during normal shooting.

February 12, a married couple from Aberdeen, in Scotland, went to the suburban trip by car. After driving a distance of approximately 15 km from the city, Michael stopped the car and decided to capture it on video his wife Helen against the setting sun. Upon returning home, Michael and Helen decided after some time to view the captured footage. Their astonishment knew no bounds when they saw that, apart from the setting sun in the background Helen was something like a silhouette of a man who looked exactly into the camera lens. First wife thought it was just a defect in the lens: it is possible, the moisture on the outside of the camera lens, but after a few seconds, an image in the same form was moved to another part of the frame and is not going to disappear.

The couple was shocked when a few days later learned that the same "defects" frame appeared not only them alone. Just a few commuters Aberdeen claimed that strange image captured with the help of his camera in about the same place as the Michael and Helen.

To the place the appearance of the human form has arrived group of ufologists, who conducted a thorough analysis of the area and caught the racing energy activity that interfered with the normal operation of devices. Scotland now boasts not only the famous Loch Ness monster, but Aberdeen ghost appearing in the video and photographic coverage, photographed by local residents.

By the way, this anomaly is evident not only in Aberdeen, Scotland. About a year ago, in Wroclaw, Poland also received frames on a routine household survey, when the central square of the city, "roam" strange translucent creature that can been seen only with the help of video equipment. The puzzle is that the vision of only one manufacturer can face such images. Maybe it's just a promotional campaign video Korean manufacturers to attract attention.

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