Mysterious Russia. Sacred Numbers Ingliizma

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Ingliizm — Ancient Faith Slavic and Aryan peoples

Sacred numbers in Ingliizme are: 3, 4, 7, 9, 16, 33, 40, 108, 144, 369.

This is due to the history of our ancestors and the whole of humanity Midgard White Earth. Each number has its own special character, and the ratio of the energy structure of a certain event in the historical life of the people and the gods.

3 — is the number of points that we need to: read The Great Reveal Triglav, Navi and regulations; fast on the third day of the week, and remember to keep the commandments of the Three Ancient Gods (Ramhata, Svarog, Perun) pass three Consecration Mother Nature, to sanctify their Body, Soul and Spirit, know the trinity of worlds in which people live (the natural world, the human world and the world of the divine), learn to perceive their world Reveal physically, mentally and spiritually to remember that the pagan temple (Temple) is divided into three parts (Privhod Veles Median Sanctuary, Asgard).

4 — This number indicates that the Great Race consists of four great nations: da'Ariytsy, h'Ariytsy, Raseny and Svyatoruss, the swastika — the symbol of the Sun-Yarily, basically has four curved beam, which for harmonious existence, a person develops the body , Soul, Spirit, and conscience, that every person God has created four:

First God — Father Earth, gives the image of the Spirit and the Blood, and their seed from which there is a new man.

Second God — Earth Mother, gives the body a new man, love, care and attention in understanding the world.

Third God — Mother Jiva Soul gives a new man, and a desire to creatively build.

Fourth God — God the Protector Rod earthly father, gives the new man Vedas (wisdom) and Conscience, koiya surpasses all worldly goods.

In addition, the Holy Daarija, four river divides the country into four parts: Rai, Tula, and SMAD h'Arru who inhabited the four peoples of the Great Race.

7 — the number indicates that we must: remember and sanctify the seventh day of the week, for the seventh day was crucified Dazhdbog the Caucasian mountains, fast on the seventh day, for the seventh day to rest is given to us, to remember the Temple of the Seven Gates; develop its seven senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, intuition, clairvoyance), remember that the children of the period of gestation in the womb seven months of the Slavic-Aryan calendar, and that man has no right to touch another woman in the same period.

9 — the number of prime numbers higher, for 9 days in a week, 9 months in the summer, at age 9 is the first introduction to the ancient wisdom of the ancestors, a man sees 9 colors (black, pure gold, red, gold, green, blue, indigo, purple and white) Star Ingle has 9 rays through 9 world must rise up people, everyone has nine energy bodies (safety body, the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, body, soul, the body of a higher form, duh), dark Kingdom, as well as Bright World, has 9 levels

16 — the number reminds us that 16 years of age is one circle, Svarog on Lap 16 palaces, in the Slavic-Aryan day 16 hours, a girl can get married at age 16, every 16 Summer Krugoleta Chisloboga — Sacred and has -369 days.

33 — the number reminds us that the Old Gods Ramhat, Svarog and Perun, gave us 33 commandments, that in 33 years every white man an era of spiritual perfection.

40 — the number reminds us that in every even month 40 days that women have improved during the coming forty times forty after the birth of the first child (40 months, 40 days) in 40 day committed Trizna — the rite of remembrance of the dead.

108 — this number reminds us of the fact that each person can create 108 sins and Ramha-Itu (Rosh Hashanah) every dong person is given the opportunity to get rid of one sin (The bell strikes the Ramha-Itu exactly 108 times), and During the first month of the new Summer fix its position. For example: broken tree — plant a tree, hurt child — Caress child abused person — apologize, etc. through 108 months after birth (12 years) age comes a white man and he is of age and naming ceremonies that take the child and give the child the name of a new adult, community name, after the passage of a new full-Rites commune is responsible for all their actions and words, through the next 108 months of his life he could take holy consecration of the sacred fire, etc.

144 — this number reminds us of the fact that the cycle of the Eternal Daarskogo Krugoleta Chisloboga lasts 144 years and many events in the history associated with this cyclical, that the Slavic one hour — 144 parts, that the period contains 144 Summer, the ancient Slavs called — Circle of Life .

369 — this number reminds us that the Holy Summer lasts 369 days after 369 months after birth, begins the era of spiritual enlightenment of man.

Vladimir's father, the elder of the Valley Community.

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