Natalia Arsenieva deleted from the Belarusians abroad

December 3 at the National Library was presented the book "The Belarusian foreign countries." This collective volume, in which the texts of more than twenty authors filed simultaneously in Belarusian and in Russian.

The compiler of the book — the curator of culture in the government of the country Ph.D. in History Natalia Golubeva. Surround and ornate that issued the Belarusian Encyclopedia of the Peter Brovki.

The book was prepared with the support of a number of government departments and agencies. Their representatives were the main speakers at the event.

Lilia Ananich

Deputy Minister of Information Lilia Ananich: "This book will find its rightful place not only in the national book industry, but in the book publishing world. It will be great demand for our many international book events. Every year we participate in such exhibitions, and we just do not have enough books of this kind, to show the richness of a book Our Belarus, our native country. "

The representative of Belarus Vladimir UNESSO Schastny: "These books deprive us of an inferiority complex, yet we were always in a global context, the European context, and we do not always have been influenced by Western European or Russian culture. Often our relationship was as a street with two-way street: we gave prominent figures of cinema United States, France, the Paris School of artists, composers Russia and so on. "

Compiled books Natalia Golubeva: "We are appealing to anyone who has at least some documents, materials for this book was the basis for us to enhance their knowledge about the history of the Belarusian Diaspora."

Meanwhile originally in the book were not planned articles on Belarusians even those countries which are written by independent historians are whole books. Scientific reviewers publication doctor Adam Maldis:

Adam Maldis

"There were sections devoted to Australia, Canada and the UK. I said that it would be illogical, if they are not represented.'s What I managed to defend."

By the way, most of Mr. Maldis, like many authors, the presentation was not. In including was not present and the author of Belarusians USA Oleg Gordienko, from which we learned that from the list of Belarusian writers of the U.S. in the text in the book disappeared name of the famous poetess Natalia Arsenyev.

"First I was Natalia Arsenyev."

Attentive readers are likely to find in the published volume, and other facts of interference censorship.

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