Natanyahu and Lieberman called Judaism the most deceitful and immoral religion

Natanyahu and Lieberman called Judaism "the most deceitful and immoral religion that has ever existed," and decided to get out of it.

Release Ceremony was recently held in Jerusalem in the presence of four rabbis. The ritual involved the "stoning". At the same time, it consisted of two parts: a 33-fold samopobivanie and 66-fold pobivanie two "dedicated" among colleagues or friends. Natanyahu resulted in a race as a "dedicated" Defense Minister Barak and Speaker Rivlin. In turn, the "initiation" Lieberman was the Deputy Information Minister Ayalon and Edelstein. As told by witnesses, after the ceremony, all six were bleeding because pobivaniya stone must be at least 1 kg.

In a press interview Natanyahu said that such sensational to "Israeli" everyman decision was not easy for him, but he was not able to "sin against the truth." "What is so, yes" — after hearing her boss commented dryly, in turn, Lieberman.

Realizing that their move will have a big impact, Lieberman and Natanyahu promised in the few weeks that remain until the day when they interrupted his political career, to deport the original settlement in the places of all illegal Jewish immigrants, to dismantle all illegal settlements in the West Bank, to declare establishment of an independent State of Palestine, and to proclaim Jerusalem its eternal capital.

At the same time they announced the "true" religion of fire-worship autochthonous aborgigenov Island Pink Penguins opened not long ago in the Pacific Ocean by Chinese researchers, and decided to take the ceremony of initiation.

Characteristically, the ritual also includes samopobivanie stones.

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