Nearly 15,000 people in Washington were left without electricity due to the storm

Around 15,000 people were left without electricity in the U.S. capital, Washington DC and the surrounding area after the storm, said the power company Pepco.

In the second half of the day Tuesday in the capital region have been heavy rains, accompanied by gusty winds. Storm warning, announced a few hours earlier, continues to operate until the end of the day.

"The number of disconnected subscribers exceeded 14.5 thousand. Outages caused by wire breakage and damage to infrastructure in the storm," — said the representative of the power company.

According to her, all the maintenance crews have been translated into emergency mode, timing the completion of the restoration of electricity is not yet known.

Emergency services do not report casualties or damage, the movement of vehicles is difficult because of poor weather conditions, public transportation is functioning smoothly.

The population of the U.S. capital, according to the census of 2010, slightly more than 600 thousand people.

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