Nekljaev called for opposition candidates to withdraw from the elections together

Simultaneous znyatstse their candidatures will strengthen the opposition and size. We can not allow the elections to be recognized by international institutions. The recognition of the election — it will be our loss.

"If we all take off their candidacy — it will be a strong step" — said Nekljaev on the picket line at Administration of the President. However Nekljaev encouraged to enter the area on Dec. 19 to demand a new election, but without Lukashenko.

This statement is made at the Nekljaev picket in front of the Administration of the President, calling on Lukashenko to participate in the televised debates.

"He hid in the big house. Accused me of having links with Russia, said it has evidence, and fled. Let him come to the debate and live put the facts on the bedside table, "- said Nekljaev.

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