New Year

Happy New Year, God cut off (Godom, Gottom) or the memory of our ancestors and the gods — you choose!

13 BeyLet on KolyadyDaru / or 22 December to modern. calendar / — God Perun freed from hell our Ancestors lured there by deceit.
BeyLet 22/31 December / — God Perun flunked Mezhdumirya gates leading to hell Caucasus mountains.
23 BeyLet / or from 18-00 December 31 and January 1 to 18-00 modern. calendar / — Slavic-Aryan Week (9 / nine / days of the week, not seven days a week, as it is now in the lunar cult! / honoring ancestors, Perun released from hell.
It was a long time since …

Gray, on the mental level, / but so far — not physically / again unlocked the gates to his purple Sunshine deceived by them for a shower — it was relatively recently, only a little more than a few thousand years ago — then, they created a religion for slaves — Judeo-Christianity / they need slaves and deceived souls to fuel their Jewish egregor — Yahweh, the heavenly Father of Jesus Christ /.
Sunshine — is Heaven and Hell / by Christian terminology /, but in "one package" and not separately, as vtyurivayut Christian pastors, shepherds — our people. Sunshine has a purple variety — purple box archive for sheep paddocks Christian slaves — ihnim Gods Egregor wow something to eat …
That would wipe out the memory of the peoples of these gracious acts of God Perun / cm above — the liberation from hell our Ancestors, lured there by deceit / — exactly on time start of the holiday honoring God Perun and Our Forefathers released from hell — with the filing of the Grays, iudohristianami / almost throughout Midgard-Earth / holiday was introduced as a "god- son of God, "Jesus Christ, the Jewish circumcision by their dark ritual just 1 January — as the cause of all celebrate the New Year or literally cut NEW GOD. With circumcision you, gentlemen!

As they say: Happy New Year / Happy New circumcised God / brothers and sisters in Christ.
I wonder what they do not follow my so-called "God" — do not cut off his foreskin! — Hypocrites! After circumcision — that is their main custom! — Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord / Circumcision of the Lord /
Will need to enter it for the Christians finished after our victory … a joke … — with a share of truth … — who is not circumcised, he is not a true Christian and a hypocrite …

SUMMARY: In the ancient, before the introduction of Judeo-Christianity, the time count conducted by chronology, which comes from the word "summer", ie "Years", "summer" — as a symbol of time, and the modern word "Year", more Roman God or Gott, which means "God" somehow imposed only Slavs — in the West used the words corresponding to chronology, the new Sun (new Yar) — Year, Jahr, etc. (Rosh Hashanah centuries came from the new Sun — New Yar). So, when we say "Happy New Year" — this is equivalent to "Happy New / Trim / God '/ how? /.

It is known that Peter I in the Summer of 7208 S.M.Z.H. (Creation — the signing of the World with Arima-Chinese in the summer of Star Temple after the end of World War II) by decree — instead of Rosh Hashanah, which was then celebrated in the autumn equinox (in honor of the victory over old Arima), and some kind on Kalyada (New Colo — young Yar-Sun from 22 December) or Krasnogor (New Yar on March 21), commanded to celebrate the new year 1700 / God / the day of the Circumcision symbolic of Yeshua — Jesus / Christ /. Thus cutting and Chronicle Russia … — Link
Interestingly, it sounds new writing, see for yourself: 1700 God (Gott) of AD (from AD) or 1700 God of Hell … it's a new era of Jewish and we now each winter (January 1) appears their new cut of God Hell.
For many centuries this holiday circumcision (ie New Year God) is very much hammered into his head since childhood (and how everything is so colorful — dressed as a Christmas tree, gifts, fun, fireworks, fireworks, festivities, gatherings, etc.) — but never say the true nature of this "holiday".
So the other, for those people who have not woken up — my advice — now that people are having fun in our sad times, then tell them: Happy new swing! / Not a Happy New Year / the more that the phrase "Happy New swing!" Will fully comply with the calendar expression
whereas the phrase "Happy New Year" — corresponds to the glorification of the cut Yid "god", and nothing more.

Them — the New swing!
And we — Happy Holidays celebration of God Perun and Our Forefathers liberated from hell! — Thank God Perun and Our Ancestors!
So it was, is and always will!

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