New Years gift to all born in the USSR: The mechanism of prosecutions Gorbachev

The mechanism of prosecutions Gorbachev. The trial of Mikhail Gorbachev, who is directly responsible for the collapse of a great country, is required. Because you have to call a spade a spade — the traitor traitor and a scoundrel a scoundrel. This man has deprived millions of Soviet citizens of their country. It will be fair and square. This Christmas gift produced inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, Russian lawyers.

Russia needs a "degorbachevizatsiya." While it is true to say that Russia needs "degorbizatsiya." He's for his "friends" that gave him a birthday in London — the "hump." So they call it. In our history, one of the leaders of the Soviet Union as not known. There was "Lenny," was not "steel", not a "coastal", even "Khrushchev" was not. Just hump. It is no coincidence that man so loved in London and Washington, and do not like in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

And so we need a "degorbizatsiya."

Today will outline in general terms the sequence of our actions. Details will be published immediately after the holidays, after finalization lawyers.

All Russian citizens who want to participate together with trade unions in all this — in an application to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation on the resumption of the criminal case against the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

Let me remind you that:

November 4, 1991, as chief of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the USSR for the supervision of the execution of the laws of the State Security, the late Victor Ilyukhin opened a criminal case against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev for treason.

However, the continuing investigation of the case has received. Former USSR Prosecutor General N.Trubin quashed, and Victor Ilyukhin was dismissed from the service, which was the start of his future parliamentary career.

So here it is resuming the criminal case we will require. Application form, to serve, to be explained in detail on the website

The general idea is this: citizens demand the resumption of criminal proceedings against MS Gorbachev, which was opened and immediately closed in 1991.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, or renew a criminal case, or refuse to renew. If the case is reopened — we have achieved their goal. But most likely will first refusal. Having received an official refusal SC, we go to court.

Making a complaint to the court's refusal of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to resume the criminal case against Mikhail Gorbachev to the district court at the preliminary investigation in Moscow.

How to apply — a class action lawsuit, several collective and individual — lawyers offer the best option. Just want to say that the task of the Trade Union of Russian citizens in the matter — to simplify and facilitate the citizens of their desire for justice. Members of the Union of Russian citizens themselves necessarily served collective statements to the Investigation Committee. We'll go on to the court. We believe this matter is extremely important.

Sample applications will be posted on the site. Costs to sue will be minimal — an envelope for packing of ready documents with the input of personal data, which must be signed and sent to the court. Duty in such cases is not possible.

Next: District Court or satisfies a complaint or refuses to meet its.

Next step: filing an appeal to the court of second instance to the district court. The court of second instance or satisfy the complaint, or deny the appeal.

And then have fun. Simultaneously feeding supervisory appeal to the court of supervisory instance Moscow court decision on the appeal. Next — giving a supervisory appeal to the Supreme Court.

If at some stage the complaint is upheld, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation shall resume the criminal case.

Here we have a way to go. If we want the trial of Mikhail Gorbachev, if we want to "degorbizatsii" Russia, filing a lawsuit in court, according to the prepared template, to the address provided to us should not be a problem. Someone to court will not come, but I am sure that hundreds, if not thousands of people pass this way once and for all pillory thing treacherous collapse of their homeland.

As for the Union of Russian citizens — we prepare and hold pickets in Russian cities under the slogan "to sue Gorbachev!". Invited to accede to the prosecution of the "hump" and express our civil position on this issue. CDP activists will stand in picket lines, assist in completing the sample applications.

PS We hope that our colleagues in the Union of Ukrainians support us, too, and serve the collective and individual actions to the appropriate authorities of Ukraine.

Both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Belarus, and others. He's betrayed us all. This president, voluntarily relinquished his title of president of the USSR voluntarily dissolve their country. And to force the Soviet Union to dissolve the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, although by law the supreme authority is the Congress of People's Deputies, and not the Supreme Council.

I think the news about the possibility of initiating legal action against Gorbachev great Christmas present for all of us!

This year we "mark" the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of the collapse of the Soviet Union. So let us pay tribute to the one who arranged for us all the hard times and instability. Wars and conflicts. A decline in fertility and increase in drug addiction.

And God bless Mikhail Sergeyevich.

Live up to the court.

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