Find out today on the radio, "Veda Ra" that in Absheron district court will consider the complaint counsel with administrative arrest Trehlebova AV

I arrived to the courthouse on time and went to see what the judge and how the meeting room will be considered a complaint. The usher at the entrance did not miss me at the courthouse and could not give me any information on my questions. But he said that according to his knowledge, no one has the process in the afternoon to begin. Advised to go to the electronic device and the information there to know what I want. Naturally any information necessary to me in this device I discovered.

I only found out contact numbers of the court, which called and asked him to help me. On one phone call advised differently, otherwise advised to call the third. Only then did I was given information about which of the judges will consider the complaint, but could not tell the time of the meeting, which is scheduled for trial and gave the phone a fourth, that the Secretary of the judge Yakimenko NV Through this number, no one has raised up. Although I tried to call several times. I decided to wait on the street, in the hope that I would see Trehlebova. Somewhere in the 14-45 to the gate of the court arrived at a police UAZ, the driver turned on his siren, the gates opened, the car drove into the courtyard. I went into the "waiting room" of the court, and saw that police officers blocked the entrance turnstiles and made ready to receive the delivered in the "funnel".

I tried once again to go to the room past the cultural officers, but I was asked to wait for something. At this time I saw the past at a distance of about 2 meters away from me spend Trehlebova AV accelerated pace in the boardroom. To my surprise, he was without clothes and only one sweater. After its wires to the meeting room, I made one more attempt to get to the process. Police officer reluctantly responded to my request to let me in the end he spoke with someone on the phone, and then he said that I can not miss and the reason is not explained. I asked, "that the meeting adjourned?", But my question, I received this reply: "I do not know."


I naturally began to call on all known to me the phone, and it is

1) the reception of Absheron district prosecutor, where I was the girl on the other end advised to my request for help in resolving the issue of pass me in court by submitting a written statement to the public prosecutor, which will be considered in due course. I then asked her to give me the phone number of the prosecutors, who can give me real operational assistance, because I believe that my rights are infringed Russian citizen without explanation.

And I just want to attend the public hearing at the Russian court? The girl said to me that on the phone that information they provide. I insisted on his own, but it just hung up. I did not call back.

2) then call the duty prosecutor of Krasnodar region, Assistant Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory and the hot line. The result is the following. No one answered the phone, and the hotline was an answering machine, which I did not do slander, because he understood they would consider the matter, certainly not today.

3) I also tried to call the management of the Judicial Department of the Krasnodar Territory, the same result, no one has raised up.

While I was in vain, and tried unsuccessfully to contact the regulatory authorities for compliance with the law, the process is apparently over, as he saw that the street from the courthouse out lawyer. I asked him about the results. The lawyer explained to me everything is clear. I saw this: "the resolution of the judges and the decision reversed by a federal judge, who in the process is done, in my opinion an amazing conclusion that once Trehlebov nowhere officially running and thus has no income, he gets no money to pay penalty, which is provided in this Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code. Therefore, the judge probably made the decision based on its own belief — if there is no income, no money, and no money — then there is only an administrative detention to be served in the detention center. Because apparently, and made such a decision — to arrest 10 days from 16/02/13 to 02/26/13. "

This news did not please me.

At this point, access to a lawyer, I heard the familiar siren "funnel" and I realized that it was taken away Shubnikov. I photographed the "funnel" in memory and then said goodbye to the lawyer, thanked him for attending and went about his business.

A casual observer of events.

From the Editorial Board of the Commonwealth of Slavic Sites: 

Truth and Lies in the official media.February 20, 2013, 18:50:



1. No call to ethnic strife in the books AV Trehlebova not. There is a formal opinion. Has been posted on the site below. All trials are trying to attract Trehlebova AV for his earlier books were discontinued for lack of evidence. Everyone who was at the seminars and meetings with writers, know that he has always called for sanity and unity of all reasonable people, regardless of nationality.


2. Nothing to do with the swastika of the National Socialists in Germany, our ancient symbols of the sun are not. There is a formal opinion and expertise. In "Russia under the swastika" shows all the documents and evidence to support the difference between consent and contrary to the world Nazi symbols and our native svastichnymi ornaments that are used by our ancestors. The similarities are so forcibly attracted investigators leading the case that it can understand anyone at the mere sight of this symbolism.


3. All hunting weapons carefully recorded in the organs and have permission from the Interior Ministry. Gun in the video is also traumatic and documents. Grenade training in the frame. All hunting ammunition also have the appropriate permissions and paper.


4. No common organization of the Slavs-Rodnoverie exists. Trehlebov AV writer and goes to meet with readers by answering questions and providing seminars on healthy lifestyles and Slavic heritage of their ancestors. Know about it all, one way or another interested in teaching Trehlebova AV, he has been held for over twenty years. We are so strong today and that each of us is self-sufficient and does not need leaders and bureaucratic management structures.


5. All the books in the video on the heritage of the Slavs printed independent commercial printers who do not have any relation to A.V.Trehlebovu. All publications are permitted and are not included in the list of banned literature legislation today. All charges in the video in this context no more than a lie.

6. In the Slavic-Aryan Vedas never talk about the superiority of one nation over another. Each nation is unique in — and has its own task of spiritual development. But apparently the investigators leading the case did not even bother to look at the content of the literature and just rushed and playfully executed the command above all his duties, without delving into the subject and nature of his accusation.


7. That's how this movie is mounted, speaks of "knowledge" of the material as a journalist and a "competence" prosecutors, who did not even bother to read the earlier examinations symbols and learn the correct names of the accused in the case.


8. Based on the fact that we have today, it's completely custom, omitted above and previously developed by about a year. Even with such training can be seen very clearly unprofessional investigators and violations of this law by the "competent" authorities.


9. With the right approach, all of the charges can be destroyed by an experienced lawyer in the dust, before the start of the trial.

10. At a time when organized crime and corruption in the higher echelons of walks today's government, when ethnic crime groups terrorize Russia when blooms decomposition pro-Western Slavic culture of our society, these criminal cases referred to the writers — and researchers slavyanistov Native Faith Ancestors, we consider as genocide of the Slavic people.


11. Sites featured in the video above does not have anything to AV Trehlebovu and created his readers to promote Slavic heritage and culture of our ancestors. Resource Slavic dating for marriage, who was also in the video, created recently and is targeted at those people who remember our ancestral heritage and ancestors, and lead a healthy life and live in harmony with nature.


12. All actions of overzealous investigators and customers of the criminal case, fall into the category of the worst crimes today by the standards of international law — genocide of the Slavic people. We are waiting for the response actions of the victim.


13. We hope that all members of the charging party carefully weigh all the facts of the case and found the remnants of conscience and honor, yet will treat the case impartially. Forgetting about the increase, bonuses and new titles, which he promises to superiors for such a zealous work in finding the "Slavic extremists" where they are not and never has been.


14. Our culture and our Ancestors Ancestral Heritage has always been important for us to own development and survival during the occupation of the pro-Western society. At a time when we forcibly implanted alien subculture of the West and their "values", we understand how important it is today to learn his ancestral heritage and their Slavic roots. This is our pledge of Russian strength and survival today. Ukraine and Belarus have already realized this and are not intended for Rusov religion and religious affiliation. We have always treated other nationalities and religious groups with respect, and we hope that we will be treated accordingly in all legal instances rosiyskoy federation.


15. If today rodnovercheskoe community will not support the issue of alignment of legislative arbitrariness of the authorities, in the Slavic national movement simply has no future. We like the five fingers on a hand that moved apart and independent of each other, but during the general woes can be compressed into a single fist to deal with common problems and challenges.


From all that has been written above, once again watch this movie aimed for mass distribution to those who are not in the subject, and you will understand who is now trying to put the power in a bad light, and what all this is happening methods.

Editor Commonwealth Slavic sites

AV Malyshev

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