No women can not win

Today, some presidential candidates attended the forum Belarusian women's organizations. Other — seeking additional airtime, met with voters in the regions. About what, on Tuesday, December 7, the applicants were engaged at the highest public office.

Presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich Online women's organizations set out those items on its electoral program, which are directly related women's issues. He also thanked the women for their support:

Among those who signed up for me, the majority of women. And this is a common phenomenon.

"Among those who signed up for me, the majority of women. And this is a common phenomenon. They are a very important part of our society. "

Attention to women presidential candidate Statkevich expressed as follows: as soon as he walked out of the airport, went straight to the forum. In Minsk, Mr. Statkevich today flew from Berlin. There he participated in the international conference and met with the leadership of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the representatives of the party in the European Parliament:

"At the beginning of the conference moderator asked the audience and said that the hall is a Social-Democratic presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich. She said it happens that way somewhere to democracy is very long. But it is certain that it will be Belarus, and promised me success. And I have to get up and take a bow.

In fact, on their part had a goal to demonstrate political support for me as a social-democratic candidate in my face all the democratic forces in these elections. On the part of the German Social-Democracy is a — significant step. "

The women talked about today and the other candidates, in particular — Dmitry Moustache, Victor Tereshchenko.

Representatives of the two other candidates — Vladimir Neklyaeva andAndrei Sannikov— Today went to the Central Election Commission. They demanded more time for performances at the Belarusian TV. CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik statement made and promised that it will consider the CEC 9 or 10 December.

The head of the electoral headquarters Andrei Sannikov Vladimir Kobets on this occasion said, "Freedom":

"Based on the articles of the Electoral Code, which guarantees equal rights and equal obligations for all candidates, and comparing the amount of airtime that is used to campaign for the incumbent head of state, require additional time to provide live broadcast."

The transfer application was held during a rally outside the Central Election Commission, organized by activists of companies "European Belarus" and "Tell the Truth" It was attended by about 50 people. People were standing with placards: "One hour of truth" and "Why BT is afraid of the truth?"

Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk today meets with voters in Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Gregory Kastusyou returned from the Mogilev region. Today he met with foreign diplomats in Minsk. And tomorrow will go back to Mogilev.


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