Numerical values drop caps

Consider the features of the numbers, the example of the Cyrillic number system, which is used in Russia to the XVIII century.

1. The number is written in the usual manner (hundreds, tens and units), but the numbers ending in 11, 12 … 19, the last two digits rearranged according to Slavic reading (one-on-dtsat), ie "One," and then "dtsat" = 10
2. Before and after the number, and sometimes between the "numbers" to put points
3. Number 6 in antiquity designated as common initial letter «S» — [ds] eating and inverted mirror
4. Number 10 (izhei) — written without points
5. To distinguish the letters from "numbers" over the number of write special character — Titley (~) over each letter individually or on all numbers. For example, the word "ZRII" under the sign of Titley, you get summer "7118" from the creation of the world.

6. To refer to thousands, to the "number" sign writing -?
7. For large numbers (tens of thousands, millions, billions) of drop caps, such as "D" lead round circle, and the circle can be a solid line, dots, crosses, which indicate: Darkness, Legion, Leodr Raven, deck
Darkness — small = 10 000, or great darkness = million. Darkness multitudes — endlessly, almost countless multitude
Legion (unknown) — Small = 100 000, the great = million million
Leodr — small = million, the great legion legions =
Vrana (raven) — small = 10000000, great = leodr leodrov
Deck — small = 100 million, Grand = 10 crows. Deck — the highest number for his writing, above and below the drop cap is enclosed in square brackets, and the left and right put diamonds.

Example shaped arithmetic:
1 +2 = 3 or A + B = D (man + Wisdom = verb). Verb — the word, the idea materialized, not just balakane
1 +3 = 4 or A + D = D (person + verb = good). Welcome — this acquisition, stockpiling anything, ie one acquires new information, knowledge

* Initial letter "B" — The gods, who was in Cyrillic "Buki" does not have a numeric value, its image — a lot, because a lot of Slavic gods
* In 1708, Peter ordered to replace one letter designations European numbers (Arabic) numerals. Sometimes, however, wrote a mixed system of writing numbers, for example, copper pennies minted 1721 date — 17K1
Currently, the Cyrillic numeral system used in the books in Church Slavonic.

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