Nursing home with a toilet in the yard

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On Vavilov Street and Tsiolkovsky in Mogilev life of several generations of blind people. Built a house for them here in the early sixties of the last century.

Since then, little has changed here. In some buildings of all amenities — only cold water. Overall basin — over fifty meters from them, exactly in the middle of the yard. I talk to a resident of the house.

Yard, not shelled from the snow. Janitors did narrow alleyways.

Mr."Since I, retired, walking to the bathroom and there somehow adapt? From housing department is absolutely no reaction. Demolition, demolition — so, if you'll take down? Wear — and people do not torture. Addressed in its time to Batura. Responded: "Let us build apartments you at your expense. So where I, retired, to collect money for an apartment? To the children then calculated. "

One of the entrances to the house blind with no amenities.

Reporter"And go to the polls?"

"Meditate. Of all these latrugav applying for a place Lukashenko … They do not belong there! Thank you to tell Lukashenko that he has kept the state well, and has some sort of help for pensioners. Of course, this is not enough, but the main thing is to change the environment in which we live. "

A resident of a nearby street Nikolai Vavilov was more fortunate with housing — it has both water and a toilet. Today, he got "in foreign countries", the post office, but got lost.

"In the city often have to travel, but the obstacles are many. And now the track uncleared ".

Immutable toilet in the middle of the yard.

Nicholas hopes that the election to change the situation. Will necessarily vote. Their candidate has not yet decided. Which of them does he know?

"Statkevich Kastusiou, Rymasheuski, Romanchuk, Vladimir Neklyaeva. I have all of their electoral programs I listen. "

Blind Nicholas finally found the post. But after passers-by.

Vladimir Vilchik

The house on the street 25a Vavilov lives longtime listener of "Radio Liberty" septuagenarian Vladimir Vilchik. He's back. Question: "How is life blind?" His excited:

"For all we need to save. These prices are rising and rising. No, Prokopovych will peck how remarkably well: the ruble is stable. What is he to hell stable? A loaf of bread can not be in two thousand to buy! Not to mention the fish and kavbasinu. "

No one, however, an urgent care Vladimir lives. Care about the fate of his country as well as to live in it by his grandson, who is assisted by:

"Injustice, lies, thriving rudeness, cynicism. Why are the authorities? Because we have the language or symbolism. We still BSSRovskie anthem. Evil — is the current government to our country. Should be either — or. No middle ground. What is possible to negotiate with a man who refused to native speech? "


Mogilev, disabled

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