Nyaklyaeu need to show that he is a favorite among them

Or hit Nyaklyayeu his second television show? To whom he was addressing — to a democratic electorate or to a wider audience? Or he gave students the confidence of victory? Television appearance Vladimir Neklyaeva appreciate our columnist Vitaly Tsigankov and head of Internet project "We" Cyril Pozniak.

Vitaly Tsigankov

Tsigankov: First, I will say about the shape of a television address. Nyaklyayeu stood again — and this again makes it stand out among the other candidates, "talking heads." However, these bursts of voice, as in the theater, they sometimes sounded too much. The novelty of the first few performances stserlasya, and now these differences poetic voices — from quiet to very loud — sometimes even a little annoying.

Pozniak: When a man says, standing up, it feels more natural, and becomes more natural gestures. As to the manner Neklyaeva speak, and there is a plus and a minus. Expression — is good, but excessive artistry, professional poet — it is bad. What worked for the first time, the second time was already doing an impression of repetition.

Tsigankov: I do not know a winner that he first talked about political reform, insisted that it depends on the economy and social sphere. Perhaps this is true, but often there are opinions that the average voter is now primarily concerned with the economy and social sphere. Do you think that such a pressure on the policy was a plus or a minus?

Pozniak: I think it is rather negative. In two speeches Nekljaev said very little about the program. Perhaps the expression of speech enjoyed a zaklikavasts, criticism of the regime. Therefore, the program we heard only a few points — on maternity capital, and that the meter of housing would cost the average earnings.

Plus, I would note that Nekljaev tried to establish correspondence with Lukashenko debate here and now. In particular, the President referred to the program and said that she lent his rivals, said Lukashenko himself is not able to carry it out. He commented and recent allegations made by Lukashenko funding Neklyaeva from Russia.

You can as well as pros note that Nekljaev said as a candidate that has a chance of winning. Stated that ranks 20 percent. Saying that will keep all the promises that other candidates from the democratic forces will find a place in his team. "We'll get benefits, will pay the maternity capital. Believe me, we will win." Thus Nekljaev tried to show that on December 19 did not end, he tried to talk about what will happen to the country if he wins. This should boost confidence in the voters. Or instilled?

Pozniak: I think Nekljaev yet more inspired the electorate, including the fact that he talked about much area. Yet it seems that the main purpose of Neklyaeva — "zaslupits" leadership in the opposition after December 19. Since the area will come to a few candidates, patients must show that he is a favorite among them.

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