Nyaklyayeu filed a complaint against the verdict

Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu Minsk City filed a cassation complaint. Fedor Mirzayanav political prisoner refused to change Belarusian citizenship to a Russian. Convicted area Dmitry Savrasov highlights the shortcomings of the judicial process. Ilya Vasilevich not a prisoner was transferred from the Queen's Zhodinsky insulator.

May 30 former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu Minsk City filed a complaint against the sentence of the Frunze district court of Minsk:

"The accusation that I presented, have not been proven, taken from the head, fictional, and therefore I demand that the court acquitted me completely."

Nyaklyayeu was found guilty of organizing activities that breach public order, and punished by two years' imprisonment, suspended for 2 years.

Appealed the verdict today and former presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski, which is the same Judge Joan Zhukovskaja sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Andrei Sannikov transferred to the will of appeal, which calls for presidential elections under the supervision of the international community. Andrei Sannikov still considers himself a candidate for president.

Three years received for participating in the riots on December 19 a resident of Minsk Fedor Mirzayanav. The court held two weeks, the guy still kept in prison in Volodarskogo as consideration of his appeal has not yet been appointed. According to his mother prisoner Fyodor Mirzayanav refused to write a statement to change with Belarusian citizenship for Russian, though, as some observers, it might help to early release. Also Lyudmila Mirzayanava reported Freedom that her son was not allowed to meet with their relatives:

Really, taking my son for 3 years, the court wished one hour on a date?

"It is not allowed to meet with his grandmother. She is 80 years old, she has invested so much effort in the education of her grandson! She is proud of him. But now, every day, she cries and says she can not wait for it. Really, taking my son for 3 years, the court wished one hour on a date? "

Mother Dmitri Bulanov, who was convicted last week on three years' imprisonment, and met with him in prison Valadarski Street. Claudia Bulanava told how Dmitry commented on the process:

"It was noted many discrepancies. Including the fact that the final decision of the court acknowledged that there was no riot, meanwhile prosecution is built on the riots. But a lot of what was sounded contrary to the indictment, did not take into account. Including relative thereto. For example, it was said that he had hit on the shields of riot police, but this is not true, and the court could not been proven. And yet it all remains in charge. "

Claudia Bulanava ensured that her son will necessarily submit an appeal.

Filed a complaint against the verdict Ilya Vasilevich, which two weeks ago was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. As long as a prisoner held at "Volodarka."

Mother of the political prisoner Tamara Vasiljevic: "Over the weekend there was no letter. Must translate it in Zhodino, but for some reason left to Volodarka. In part, it is well kept, do not lose heart. Twice we had a date with him — all told, it is normal. "



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