Obama ordered the federal government to help states prepare for Sandy

U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered the authorities to provide the states that are on the path of a hurricane, "Sandy", all necessary federal resources to minimize the consequences of the disaster.

"This morning the President spoke with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, head of the Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate, director of the Center for the Study Hurricane Rick Knabbom and National Security Adviser John Brennan, told him an update on preparations for the hurricane," Sandy ", moving in the direction of the mainland USA ", — stated in the White House.

Raging in the Atlantic hurricane "Sandy" is moving at a speed of 17 kilometers an hour to the north-east, its associated winds gusts of up to 130 kilometers per hour. From the elements in different countries killed 42 people. As expected, the hurricane reached the U.S. capital region on Monday. Its main impact, is expected to come to the states of New Jersey and New York. In anticipation of Hurricane Americans have started to buy daily necessities, as well as products that do not require refrigeration.

"The president told a Fugate said that the federal partners to provide the necessary resources to support state and local authorities in coastal areas of the East Coast, potentially at risk due to the weather conditions," — the document says.

The White House said the Emergency Management Agency has prepared a team of experts, all you need in the event of a hurricane equipment, supplies of water, food, medicines and warm clothes.

The agency also asked the state government with a request to remain vigilant and alert in advance of their needs.

"The president has ordered that the states should not need anything in preparation for the storm, and asked to inform him about what is happening," — said in a White House statement.

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