Of gold a series of films about war

Of gold a series of films about war

During the existence of Cinématographe 10 out of thousands of films on the theme of war and the military, from various film companies. In the near future enthusiasm for the military theme in Russia has grown significantly, and therefore consumer demand is met quite intense. Now the remarkable military films can look with a specially made online cinema.

One of the most popular films about the war in our country is movie "The Dawns here are quiet …" This prince's story, which is told by director Stanislav Rostotsky in 1972, has become a real symbol of war films. Here Showing not become common in military movies big fights, and demonstrated unfamiliar to most people side of war. This extraordinary writer of his own tragedy and inflame the passions of the film was made by the creator of the book — Boris Vasilyev.

In 1975, Boris Vasiliev was awarded the State Prize. He himself was a member of stateliness Russian war, and therefore all its characters are shown with remarkable accuracy. Any of the female anti-aircraft gunner — a way of ladies war which, despite all the hardships of war, thought about love, wished that in the future she will lead a real family, will give birth to babies.

As you know, all these dreams are not destiny was realized. But even so tragic ending film leaves the viewer with a sense of light. It consists in the fact that these girls for each of us were in fact alive and defended the motherland.

A movie can be easily counted among the Russian gold series Cinématographe. Thanks to bewitch the actors' performances, he has a special place in the history of Russian cinema. Actor, plays one of the main roles in the movie — Andrew Martynov — and now for many viewers is not seen by the other as Sergeant Vaskov. Despite the fact that some 10 Martynov s other film credits ("Eternal Call", "The Captain's Daughter", "Mu-Mu", "Black Label"), specifically the role of Vaskova for the many fans of his talent is a landmark. Actor, which In 1994 he received the title of People's Artist of Russia, says that his role in the movie Stanislav Rostotsky was decisive in his life.

In the past year, the movie "The Dawns here Quiet … "celebrated its own 40th birthday a day. It brought up several generations of Russian and Russian young people. Movie hitherto enjoyed tremendous enthusiasm as in Russia, because of a zabugornyh countries.

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