Of the characters — a traitor. Vlasov

Of the characters - a traitor.  VlasovIn the near future is a hot debate associated with the name Vlasov and so referred to as the Russian liberation movement. Thought glorification Vlasov, Trukhina, Zhilenkova, Malyshkina, Meandrov, Maltsev and many others is becoming more popular. Create new legends.

But who are the men who had risen under the Nazi banners? Why there are so stubbornly try to rehabilitate them? Who was the real creator of the ROA (Russian Liberation Army)? Which battles participated so called "Russian" part of the SS, and what is their number in fact? Who elected Vlasov the role of the commander? When convicted Vlasov and others? Who actually organized the operation to arrest Vlasov, when he was a prisoner in South America? ..

Founder and director: D. Shulepov
Producer: Kolesnik

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