Of the virtual world to the spiritual world

Internet - a global network of loneliness

In accordance with the "pyramid of Maslow's" self-expression is the supreme human need, even ahead of the recognition and communication. And the means of its realization in our time is the Internet.
Social networks have become a place to create a virtual "I". In addition, each user has the ability not only to communicate and create, but also to share the fruits of their creativity with an audience of millions in a particular social network.

Man is by nature selfish. Well, these days everyone has grown so selfish that we are unable to communicate directly with each other, do not tolerate anyone near him and can not be with anyone. Therefore, social networks have become so popular, as a means of communication, they are at the same time allows each to be yourself, wash all external constraints.

Internet — a phenomenon of the modern world. It is that stage on which humanity must ascend in its development process in order to then come from the virtual world to the spiritual world, when it will feel himself a single organism, connected directly through desires and thoughts. Therefore, the path to the spiritual world — through our bond.

Why the Internet?

Virtual link destroys all boundaries. Wherever there was a man — he has the opportunity to connect to the network. And no matter where he lives, the Internet makes him a man of the earth. Virtual link essentially eliminates any power and makes all equal. These conditions are the starting point of the spiritual regeneration of mankind.

Naturally, today's Internet is also based on a purely selfish principles. Yet it is this selfish communication gradually we begin to feel the emptiness and loneliness. It no longer makes the internal filling. It is no secret that each of us is looking for not just a communication and expression, and warmth and understanding. And then what? Here again we come to realize that the reason for this void is selfishness, terminate each in their shells.

Internet makes it possible to experience all globally, to feel the whole world know. When a person is so connected with the world, he begins to feel that he lacks even internal communication with all — feeling all like himself.

Naturally, the Internet can not provide this, it is purely mechanical. But it can cause a person to need to be associated with all on a domestic level, from heart to heart.

Come to a close contact with one another on a spiritual level — this is the highest realization of Man. This is, in fact, his self-expression.

Lyudmila Pustovitovskaya


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