Of the world, a hologram and light BODY

I'd forgotten all about this story, which is here, in this world — it is considered fiction, fantasy, and never more than — the real. The reality here in the physical world — is all that anyone — then allowed to consider real. So true, not true fiction. In reality, the local rules and canons. They are very tough — step left, step to the right — and you're a potential patient psychiatric hospital or an outcast in the eyes of the public.

Not resent, dear, in the generally recognized sense, normal people, if you accidentally finish reading this story — it was not written for you. I respect your peace and your values, and therefore agree with any of your opinion about the above here. Do not argue.

I am writing this for those who, for various reasons, was in the world and can not find their way home. I think I got an idea how to do it!

But first a long prehistory.

We, you and I know that the whole world is a hologram. Even the local scientists have a hypothesis in this regard.

And the most amazing of them: the universe — a hologram. A kind of projection, wrote on the website kp.ru.

The first with such a sudden idea made David Bohm (David Bohm) — a physicist from the University of London. Back in the 80's. After his colleague from the University of Paris Elaine Aspect (Alain Aspect) experiment showed that elementary particles can instantly share information at any distance — even millions of light years. That is in spite of Einstein had been interacting with super speed and, in fact, to overcome the time barrier. Such Bohm suggested, maybe if our world — a hologram. And each section contains information about the whole — the whole universe.

And Nobel laureate to the same

Absurd, it would seem. But in the 90 years it was supported by the winner

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gerard Hooft (Gerard `t Hooft) from Utrecht University (Netherlands) and Zusskind Leonard (Leonard Susskind) Stanford University (USA). Of their explanations indicated that the universe — it is a holographic projection of physical processes that take place in two-dimensional space. That is, in a certain plane. You can imagine such a glance at any holographic image. For example, placed on a credit card. Picture — a flat, but it creates the illusion of three-dimensional object.

It is difficult, frankly, impossible to believe that we — the illusion, a phantom, fiction. Or at least a matrix, as in the movie. But this newly found almost tangible proof.


In Germany, near Hanover for the seventh year running a giant interferometer — a device called GEO600. On the scale of it only slightly inferior to the scandalous Hadron Collider. With the interferometer physics intend to catch the so-called gravitational waves — those that should exist, according to the conclusions of the theory of relativity. They — a kind of rippling fabric of space-time, which must occur up any disasters in the universe like a supernova explosion. Like the ripples from a pebble.

The essence of fishing is simple. Two laser beam is directed perpendicular to each other through the pipes of 600 meters. Then reduce to one. And look at the result — interferitsionnuyu picture. If the wave comes, it will shrink the space in the same direction and in the perpendicular stretch. Distance runs through the rays change. And it will be seen in the very same picture.

Unfortunately, seven years is nothing like gravity waves notice failed. But scientists may be able to make a much more exciting discovery. That is to discover the "grain" of which is specifically our space-time. And it turned out to be directly related to the holographic image of the universe.


Forgive me, quantum physics for rough explanation, but from their abstruse theories that's what. The fabric of space-time granular. Like a picture. If it is constantly increasing (though a computer), there will come a time when the "image" seems composed of pixels — a kind of unimaginably small elementikov. And it is assumed that the linear size of the elementika — the so-called Planck length — can not be less than 1.6 by 10 to the minus 35-degree meter. It is far less than the proton. Of these "seeds" and is supposedly the universe. Confirm experimentally not — you can only believe.

There is reason to believe that at the GEO600 experiment showed real "grain" is much larger — billions of billions of times. And are cubes with a 10 to the minus 16-degree meter.

The existence of large pixels, said recently one of the discoverers of dark energy-Craig Hogan (Craig Hogan), director of the Astrophysics Laboratory of Quantum Fermi (Fermilab `s Center for Particle Astrophysics) and part-time Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics University of Chicago. Suggested that they might encounter in the experiments on catching gravitational waves. Asked whether there is not something strange fellow — like noise. And got the answer — watch. And just noise — a kind of "noise", which prevents further work.

Hogan believes that the researchers found the very large pixels fabric of space-time — it's the "noise", shaking.


Hogan is the universe as a sphere, the surface of which is covered elementikami Planck length. Each carries a unit of information — bit. And what is inside — they have created a hologram.

Here, of course, there is a paradox. According to the holographic principle amount of information that is contained on the surface of the sphere equal to the number inside. And her — in volume — obviously more.

No problem, says the scientist. If the "internal" pixels will be much larger than the "external", the desired equality will be respected. And so it happened. In terms of size.

Talking about the hologram, the scientists — and their many — have given the universe even more intricate essence than can be imagined before. There certainly can not do without a question: who tried so? Maybe, God — the essence of a higher order than we are — primitive hologram. But then it is hardly worth looking for it in our universe. He could not create itself and is now inside a hologram? But outside of the Creator might well be. But we do not see.


Still, it is round

Since 2001, the space probe flies called WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe). Catch "signals" — so-called fluktatsii microwave background — the radiation that filled the space. To date, we caught so many that managed to create a map of the radiation — scientists call it a relic. Like, preserved since the birth of the universe.

Analyzing the map, astrophysics exactly how they feel calculated the age of the universe — it was created precisely 13.7 billion years ago. Have concluded that the universe is not infinite. And a ball, as if closed by itself.

— Ball, of course, huge, — says Douglas Scott of the University of British Columbia (Canada) — but not enough to consider it infinite.

On the ball talk and "holographers." And that gives illusive hopes. It is possible that by creating the right tools, scientists can get inside the hologram. And fetch it from the recorded information — pictures of the past and even the future. Or distant worlds. Suddenly, all will have an opportunity to travel back and forth across space-time. Once we do, and it is — a hologram …

For a long time it remained only at the level of speculation. But in 1982, a group of French researchers has found that under certain conditions, the microparticles are able to communicate with each other regardless of the distance between them.

Theoretically, this effect was discovered in 1935 by Albert Einstein and his students, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen. They put forward the hypothesis that if two related photon scatter, and one of them changes the polarization parameters, for example, bumps into something, then it disappears, but the information about it instantly transferred to another photon, and it becomes that disappeared ! We are almost half a century it was possible to confirm experimentally.

This discovery of French physicists interested in the British scientist David Bohm. It occurred to him that the strange behavior of microparticles — it is nothing like the key to the mystery of the universe.

He turned his attention to the hologram, which in his opinion may be ideal models of the universe. As you remember, a hologram — a three-dimensional photograph made with a laser. To make it, you need to illuminate the object being photographed with a laser beam, and then send him another laser. Then the second beam bounced off the reflected light from the object, the resulting interference pattern is captured on film.

It is interesting that the finished picture first looks like a meaningless juxtaposition to each other a variety of light and dark lines. But we need only deal with it in another laser beam, a three-dimensional image appears at once the source of the subject. It was then that we can say that the hologram is ready.

However, the three-dimensionality of the image is not the only remarkable characteristic inherent holographic image. Another feature of such photos — sort of the whole. If a hologram of the image, such as a tree cut in half and illuminated by a laser, each half will contain an image of the same tree of exactly the same size.

If we continue to cut a hologram into smaller pieces, each of which can be re-detected image of the object as a whole. It turns out that, in contrast to normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information about the subject, but with a corresponding decrease in proportion definition.

On the basis of the property of holograms, Bohm suggested that the interaction of material particles — is nothing more than an illusion. In fact, they still represent a coherent whole. Thus, and the universe itself is a very complex illusion. Material objects is a combination of holographic frequencies.

"The principle of the hologram" whole in every part "allows us a whole new way to approach the problem of organization and order — says Professor Bohm. — Explicit superluminal interaction between particles tells us that there is a deeper level of reality is hidden from us. Separate the particles we see because we see only a part of reality. "

Its intricate theory scientist amply explained by the example of the separate capture fish in an aquarium (the example detailed in the book by Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe"). So, imagine the aquarium, where the fish swims more than one species, with quite similar to each other. The main condition of the experiment is as follows — the observer can not see the aquarium directly, but can only watch two TV screens that transmit images from cameras placed one in front and one side of the aquarium. Not surprisingly, looking at them, he comes to the conclusion that the fish on each of the screens — individual objects.

As the cameras transmit images from different angles, in any given time the fish look different, for example, the same fish in different screens at the same time you can see and the side and front view. But, continuing observation, after a while the observer was surprised to discover that the two fish on different screens there is a relationship. When one fish turns, the other also changes direction, albeit a little differently, but always of first.

In this case, if the observer does not know the full picture of the situation, it is likely to come to the conclusion that the fish should somehow instantly communicate with each other, which is not a fact coincidence. Similarly, physics, not knowing the principles of "universal experiment", consider that the particles instantly communicate with each other. However, if the observer to explain how things work "in reality", he realizes that his previous conclusions are based on analysis of illusions that his consciousness is perceived as reality.

"This is just an experience suggests that objective reality does not exist. Despite its apparent density of the universe at its core can only be a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram "- says Professor Bohm.

The final holographic principle is proved, when the device will work "Golometr." The detector is constructed as follows: the laser beam passes through the splitter generated two beams pass through two perpendicular bodies bouncing off them, then come back and merge to create an interference pattern, the distortions which to judge the change in space, compressed or stretched in the gravitational wave different directions.

"This device," Golometr "will increase the scale of space-time and see whether the assumptions are true of fractional structure of the universe," — says the director of the Center for Astrophysical Research in Fermi lab named Craig Hogan. As the authors of the development, the first data obtained by means of the device will start to arrive in the middle of this year.

Meanwhile, the principles of holography are widely used in various fields. Thus, American scientists have developed a laser technology that allows you to create virtual images of the battlefield that is to have a psychological impact on soldiers — frighten the enemy and raise morale among the warring parties.

Holographic images can be projected onto any surface and in the atmosphere. For example, images of planes, tanks, ships, and people in uniform will help to create a false illusion of numerical superiority and military might of the enemy. Using "virtual weapons" can be created and the images of various historical and legendary figures, such as the famous general and the prophets, who ordered the soldiers.

Just the other day at two London airports, Manchester and Luton, appeared holographic "helpers", explaining the rules of conduct at the control terminal and procedures preflight inspection. Holograms, which at first sight is not easy to distinguish from real people, created by Musion Eyeliner. Served as prototypes for real images airport employees John Walsh and Julie Kapper, so holograms are named John and Julie.

Perhaps, over time, virtual-holographic objects, more and more will be merged with the real world, the "reality" which, however, as can be seen from the above, only relative.

Look at this Japanese hologram — singer Hatsyne Miky.



It is real?

I guess the response of normal people — "no." Yes … it is only a fiction, fantasy, creature people programmed doll that can not feel, think … It can not be without the help of its programmers to produce what — an action.

And the people? Who — one of you, you can change the program of your life? You know this program? And who is your life has programmed this way and not another? Do you know this programmer?

Who — is proudly raised his head and say — "I'm a man, I'm the master of my life and destiny … and in general …"

And I would like my opponent intended to ask:

— You can do so, and once I had used the term "programming", then, say, program your body so that it becomes higher or lower, or you have a few minutes to have grown hair?

Unequivocal answer — no!

"Normal" people who attempt these "programmers" to change the world, is called magic, magic.

With normal people is clear. Now I want to write for the "abnormal."

I know — you are. There are those who have adapted to live in this world and only in dreams and dreams come to visit your beautiful home.

There are those who have not come to terms with life in this world, or constantly attempting to come back or suffer from constant depression and bipolar disorder, disharmony of a terrible mismatch of your inner and outer world. You are suffering enormously every minute, trying to persuade myself that it's not forever …

When — that will release …

I know each of you has got different ways to the world and for different reasons.

Here is one such story (Normal people! Warning for you — it's fantastic!)

The Court came to an end. And, the judge sighed and began to pronounce the verdict:

— I, Judge Mira Shining, these powers to me from the Primordial Light, blame you, Linel, is that you broke the main law of the Universe Pervotortsa — kill love.

Aynian creature was betrayed you with all my heart. You ruined his bright soul, absorbing all his mental energy, gives nothing in return, destroying the harmony of light and love, mutual, voluntary oath of responsibility, connecting you to the Temple of Harmony forever.

The spirit of it, after you committed the offenses with no energy for the continuation of life, away and disappeared into the impersonal energy Prime Creator.

You interrupted the evolutionary path of God's creation! You was the cause of disharmony in our world. Consequences, you start generated destructive cause — effect processes, yet to be determined.

All sitting in the courtroom, gasped in horror and began to whisper angrily.

The judge, raising his voice, calmly and impartially, he continued:

— Your crime is so great that the most severe punishment will be — you'll get a link to the planet of people, called the Earth in a physical body. You'll have to go through all the suffering of disharmony that reign on this planet.

The judge smiled sarcastically, clearly showing his contempt for the criminal, and continued:

— Try it now to find a harmonious love. Oh, that, I warn you, it is almost impossible: disharmonious love as the cause of suffering beings in this world — that is their usual state. Exceptions — the units in the history of this planet.

I also want to add some information about the future of the planet and the creatures that inhabit it — they are almost doomed to destruction, as a dangerous source of destructive emanations in the Universe, and, respectively, the "fertile" ground for vzroscheniya demonic creatures of nature, the amount of which, as we know already far exceeded permissible limits army Destroyers.

There do not know and do not want to know the Supreme Law of Harmony! You Linel, knowing this law, which holds the Universe, violated his conscious. The sentence is final and without appeal!

The last words of the judge boomed like thunder. Everyone who was in the courtroom started.

Linel guards brought to the edge of space — time turbilona, where she waited for two sad angel entrusted with execution of the sentence and to transmit Linel to Earth.

Whitefish — and started falling down a flight …

Angels sympathetically watched the light goes out of the body Linel as her beautiful image is changing rapidly and become rough.

And then completely blown to bits that make up the essence Linel, the world light that was it.

This is not the Linel — is a miserable, ugly sort of her where radiant azure beard, where subtle features, full of clear light that filled it from within Wisdom understanding? Where its easy luminous body in white shining robes?

That is, unless my eyes … they were almost the same, just filled with sorrow and despair that they are to be seen in the life on the planet Earth. They seemed insane, because the clarity of consciousness light goes out Linel, as removing it from him.

Angels grieving soul, watching the terrible metamorphosis occurring to Linel, but could not do anything — the Law is the Law.

They knew that to return to the Light Linel will be strewn with thorns of suffering and pain: the human world so cruel!

And, in fact, a criminal Linel of Peace, Light, is simply naive "sheep" in the "pack of wolves", which mainly inhabit the Earth.

— She only stood the test, do not be absolutely ruined his soul — prayed Linel Angels.

— It is, after all, dear God, will feel is much stronger than the other people, went to her patience!

Way Linel fall ended in the intensive care unit of a hospital, where doctors quickly and hurriedly tried to revive the body of a young woman who has left him, and, curiously watching all the manipulations of physicians. She was glad at heart, the terrible pain was gone, and she felt so light and happy in her new light and shiny body. Runaway and then brought the sparkling, luminous hands to the eyes and admired as rays emanating from the fingertips, all colors of the rainbow.

Suddenly, in front of her, there were three luminous beings, two of them shone blindingly bright, and that which was in the middle, white, soft light …

Meanwhile, the Angels pushed Linel a lifeless body lying in the intensive care beds. That's it! Prison slammed.

Doctors, animating the body of his patient, are happy that she has earned the heart, blood pressure rose, there was a pulse …

They cheered and congratulated each other …

— What did you do? — Asked the former owner of the luminous beings body, which has now become a prison Linel.

— It should be, — answered sad angels.

— And what will she now?

— You, Lyudmila, and sometimes — a …

— What was her name? — Lyudmila asked sympathetically.

— Linel.

— Beautiful name … Poor thing …

— I understand … You are an angel! And tell me, you do not know what happened to my brother and nephew? How are they? They are here … or in the same place and … I?

— All of you will soon encounter.

Angels, grasping the arm ex Lyudmila, helped her find her way in a new world, and the former Linel began to suffer from pain. And the memory of the body Lyudmila, has been slowly filling essence Linel, but her soul to resist this, hoping to tell when — ever Linel who she was before.

Ludmila Lyudochka! — Slapping his cheeks pale face "Salvation Lyudmila," cried the doctor insisted.

— Go, go, faster, ochuhivaysya!

— I do not want — do not open his eyes, barely whispered Lyudmila chapped, dry lips.

— Well — y — y, here! Hello to you! — Offended outraged doctor — we have returned from the dead, we can say a hero, and she's — thank … yes ….

— I do not need to go back! You should have left me there and — with the pain in his voice, in a louder voice, said Lyudmila.

Tears rolled down her cheeks in streams streams flowing down along the edges of the face.

— Ah! — Sighed the doctor — we thankless job.

And, casting a glance hospital room, came out of it without closing the door.

Dr. mood deteriorated and he grimly walked down the hall, muttering to himself:

— Okay, fresher — and well. Then say thank you …

C as long as the creature, which has now become Lyudmila, acquired its new consciousness — the same was her torturer and executioner, ruthlessly executing the sentence. Physical pain, retreating under the pressure of pain medication, gave way to a painful heartache. A strange, dark, terrible — it burns up something inside, like iron knee, tightening the barbed wire of thought, deceiving them into a ball, stiff needles nerves, pierced body. Hopeless despair and sense of foreboding, chills the heart …

Saved only failure in oblivion of sleep, so Ludmila kept repeating the same request as the spell:

— Sister, let ukolchik to sleep!

Pale fingers caught the doctor's hand, looking him in the eye

— Doctor, please, ukolchik assign to sleep …

— You can not, can not, Lyudochka, you will not sleep at night, her moans of the other patients will wake up — trying not to look into the eyes of a sick and shaking her hand, was in a hurry to get rid of quickly request a doctor.

For other patients Lyudmila could not think. I thought about one thing: why she suffers, why bother living, for which she is punished? Who need it, if it is to live and suffer? In Sanchez meaning of walking the labyrinth of despair and pain, which always leads to a dead end dull hopelessness of salvation?

Going again in this impasse, Ludmila started screaming struggling:

— I do not want, I do not want to live anymore! Let go of me! Give me a shot, so I went to sleep forever!

— Well stop yelling! — Lyudmila straightened thick nurse, sternly shaking his mop.

And Lyudmila no more strength to cry. But the nurse did not appeased: smearing dirt on yellow cloth, ripped off the linoleum, Diamonds:

— Then they yell … come home — screaming: grandchildren, man yells, daughter and son screaming … Oh-ho-oh … No me rest — anywhere! And for me that these penalties, Lord You are my Lord? For nothing here mud evacuation, the vessel shall make, and even listen to the cries ….

— Auntie, please have pity on me, call your doctor gathered his forces, requested Lyudmila nurse.

"Auntie" stood up, hands on hips:

— Che me money to pay for what I'll spare you? A doctor will call — it's my duty. Wait. If not occupied — will come.

Most often, the doctor was too busy to come: sick a lot, but he is one …

Utter torment of hell, the soul of Ludmila, attempt to escape from the body, returning to the place of the failed escape noisy sigh. How were these attempts? A lot …

Just drop by drop, and wears away the stone: Here's another jerk, and … hated the body is left behind, the fetters that bind Lyudmila and this carcass, packed with pain, weak! World around instantly exploded dazzling fireworks, welcoming the bold fugitive!

Soul drowned delight of freedom … but not for long: the hated prison insatiable monster sucked soul back with even greater fervor began her torture.

Attempts to escape, continues with a fierce determination and perseverance. And, whether jail tired to fight and lose vigilance, or chains and shackles that bind the soul with the body, were not quite so strong and durable, but attacks the body of the hated prison Lyudmila eventually became longer. The only thing that connected with the body of Lyudmila — it silvery leash — lightweight and translucent, but it does not interfere with travel and not limit their range. Joyful walk, sometimes flashed reality in a different, negative light: so to speak, "in all its glory," but even these realities, seemed not so horrible, compared to torture pain.

In this struggle, the soul and body of Lyudmila, recently became apparent surrender: the executioner, called disease, more and more often to stay out of work.

Ludmila soul consciousness, by contrast, is gaining strength, grew stronger, tempered in the struggle boldly declaring its independence.

Observation of the world, which get her soul, was different, and, as Ludmila realized he was invisible to people in physical bodies. People do not see what is revealed to her, during the "walks" her soul, they do not hear their secret, they think thoughts sound. They do not see that their bodies are lit halos of different colors, touching this halo and mentally asking a question, you can see any information about the man, about his past and the future, watching developments as holographic vision …

With these new skills acquired, the order got stronger physically, Lyudochka began to shock the "normal" people. The first step was accepted to a thick, evil nurse:

— Aunt Zoe …

— I found a cousin — "Drop" the nurse is not looking back, continuing to aggressively squeegee with hatred podfutbolivaya empty vessel under the beds.

Lyudmila was not offended, as before, the rough answer is "aunt" Zoe, and narrowed her eyes, insinuating voice continued:

Zoya, why are you so people do not like, and work among the sick? Patients, after all, they are like little children, helpless. To get better, they need not only drugs, and love and compassion. And … you and your children are not spared: there, how many souls have killed innocent — eleven babies were sent to the other world … iron things out of his stomach torn out and thrown out as unnecessary meat. Yes … and the past with the duty of God Nikolaevna said handle folded, his eyes rolled to the ceiling. Go to church? And that it for you? Orders, the store? Dear God forbid, but served … Okay so, asking for health …, why ask the head nurse was fired? Speak to her all sorts of nastiness, and it is something extra from you ask? No — only to you does the job, does not offend you, do not be rude. Do you think Zoya, pleasing to God so unfair your request? So, in fact, it's nothing — the worst thing that you do not want to bear children, and ask God to your daughter and gave birth to …

Patient did not have time to finish a strange phrase as an incredible physique for prytkostyu Zoe Mikhailovna, she spun a hundred and eighty degrees and froze monument. Jaw nurses limply fell off on a triple chin, eyes staring wildly at Ludmilla.

The patient shook her head, edifying and turned to the wall, pulled the covers up to their ears.

Coming out of the stupor, Zoya has behaved very poorly: with tears in her eyes, she ran to Lyudmila, was with all his strength to shake her by the shoulders and screaming hysterically:

— Did not want to give birth, right? And from whom to give birth — it was? And to live for? Ivan then my whole life drinking, did not give a salary, mocked, beaten, chased out of the house! How times have neighbors with little son spent the night, however, battered blue once walked, and-and-and …?

Now, in turn, scared Lyudmila, dodging chaotic Gestures nurses, scoring in the corner of the bed. Exposing as a shield hospital pillow.

When Zoya vykrichala their grievances for nearly half my life to the strange sounds of nurses came running …

Zoya Mikhailovna, right in the house, and comforted otpaivala valerian special shots. Prick like a soothing shot and Lyudmila, but she glared sullenly at the nurse with an injection and as a cut:

— No, do not! I lost consciousness from the pain, injection site you did not question it, and now — to themselves injections colitis.

Lyudmila turned to the wall, but his back felt judgmental attitudes: nurses

left, taking the arm limp and ohayuschuyu Zoya Mikhailovna.

The ward was quiet, and the thoughts of Ludmila began shouting:

— Why would you do that? You that was any better? What you achieved?

And other thoughts, immediately began to defend Lyudmila:

— Correctly, can this, Zoya will understand that you can not be so unjust and evil …

In the end, Lyudmila cried, not realizing she had done well or not. She cried for a long time, did not compromise with his conscience. Tired of tears and disputes within his soul, sobbing a couple of times, she fell asleep.

Lyudmila woke with a strange turmoil, muffled cries: the House lights came on and tried to pull does not fit through the doorway gurney with a woman moaning.

Patient on a gurney cried at every failed attempt of two puffing from the effort of nurses, push force and awkward nerazvorotlivy transport.

The patient screamed when access with bounce passes across the threshold of the chamber.

Lyudmila jumped on his bed. Dream vanished. Watched the newly arrived patient laid on the bed in front was empty, as were bustling around her nurse assisting. Young doctor on duty, made her appointment, worrying and often tucked under the white cap dark, curly hair strand. Writing in the medical history, the doctor pressed on the handle so that the knuckles shaking her hands were white.

If all they see is also what I saw Lyudmila, they might have realized — to save the entered patient useless to the top, from where — then through the ceiling, pillar descended dazzling — bright light, thickened at the head of the patient, and darted back, leaving two beings in luminous, neon clothes. Lyudmila narrowed from the blinding light coming from two streams forearms strange guests and tried to get a better look. Admiring their flawless beauty, and their clear, large eyes, full of compassion and love.

— They came for the sick, yes, her! — Autumn Lyudmila — she was going to die!

Ludmila thoughts were ever crisp, clear — she knew for sure, and not by guessing! And she knew exactly what the dying woman, a very good, is a teacher at the school, after her death, left her orphaned seventeen-year daughter. And, what is this girl no one else in this world is not native but mom: gave birth to her dying teacher late in pain, the suffering, risking everything and even life!

How painful and acutely felt Lyudmila life dying patient!

— This is not fair! — Desperately shouted Lyudochka luminous beings.

Creatures turned to Lyudmila, long time, good, learn, looking at her.

Then, one of the luminous beings, approached the Ludmilla and melodic, soft, crystal voice spoke:

— We'll take it to the Abode of Light, you know, Linel not know what there is grace?

— Linel? Is that you addressed me? — Lyudmila looked perplexed.

The creature did not respond. He stroked her hair stupid Lyudochku, translucent hand — feel soft and calm that filled all around.

— It's Angels! — Lyudmila burst out of my chest rapturous sigh, as if she finally waited long awaited, relatives, loved ones, which missed every day. The second angel too close to Lyudmila, looking into her eyes.

— Linel forgot … poor thing, you're forgotten.

"You know, one of the top results of the internal spiritual development is to achieve a state of" Rainbow Body "or Light Body, when the physical body is transformed into pure radiant energy awareness."

Today happened to me a few matches, and this, as we know already persevering clue why. What matches did not really happen.

First, I came across an article in which the preacher from the United States announced that the world will end May 21, 2011 at 18:00 on the U.S. West Coast time (about 6:00 MSK). This 89-year-old Harold Camping of California Oakland told the radio station Family Radio Network, broadcasting to the entire territory of the United States.

Camping claims that the specified day mankind will see the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Bible prophecy, immediately after this will Judgement. The conviction of a preacher, the beatific honored with only 2% of the population, said the newspaper Independent. All the other angels are distributed in "places not so remote" from the heavenly paradise.

By poemu deep conviction that it is time "prophecy" comes from the lips of these, then there is only one option for its implementation — to arrange the second coming of Christ.

And how, how is this feasible?

Of course — a hologram!

I typed in a search engine is the word … and why — is the site where there was an article about the hologram, my eye catches the title of another article — "Finding the rainbow body"!

After reading, I realized — so it's just a change in the density and the mode of vibration of the body, which is also programmed hologram, but a density!

And if we remember ordinary phrase that man is what he eats — and here's a hint, my family! And, if you have to consider that can serve as a sail, and high energy, which is leaking to earth, and the process of convergence of the worlds …

Good luck, we'll meet at home! You are, after all, know how to find me there — just think about the one that wrote when — and there, in a nuclear world this article!

See you there!


I do not :)



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